DigitalBull GO - FB Pick His Brain Srinath Rangaswamy
DigitalBull GO - FB Pick His Brain Srinath Rangaswamy

About Our Founder - Srinath Rangaswamy

The DigitalBull GO Team is headed by Srinath Rangaswamy with a team that is focused on SEO and WordPress Development.

Srinath Rangaswamy consulted extensively (11+ years) in the US and Europe before founding Opteamize Cloud Solutions Private Limited (the parent company of DigitalBull GO), a Digital Marketing firm headquartered in Chennai, India.

He is a proponent of Lean Six Sigma and has ERP & Digital Marketing certifications from Oracle and Google respectively. He has also been featured in SEO Signals Lab, one of the top SEO groups on Facebook.

Before starting Opteamize, Srinath founded India’s first IBM Coding School, and was a Chapter Advisor for Startup Leadership Program, Chennai, and has consulted for various tech companies in India and the US. 

Srinath has trained over 2000 students in the areas of Digital Marketing, SEO, and Content Writing.

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Srinath Rangaswamy | DigitalBull GO CEO & Local SEO Expert

Business Blogging for Beginners: Six Steps to Success’ is a guide to help you lose the fear of writing. If you are attempting to blog for the first time, wanting to improve your writing skills, or constantly struggling to generate quality content for your company, then this is the book for you!

Srinath Rangaswamy has guest lectured at various Engineering and Management Colleges besides being a featured speaker at Jewelry Meets and Local Commerce Chambers.

He is the author of two books including a blogging guidebook for beginners titled “Business Blogging for Beginners – Six Steps to Success.”

Srinath and his lovely wife Sripriya have 2 sons, Sriniketh and Srinikesh. In his spare time, he dabbles in fitness, political strategy, and ancient Indian history.