Process for Geotagging GMB Photos

Please follow these steps for geotagging your photos.

1.Photo types suitable for geotagging 

  • Service performed at client’s office/commercial location
  • Service performed at your own office/store if applicable
  • Photos of important landmarks in your service area
  • Photos of your company van/vehicle in your service area if applicable

  2. Photo types not required for geotagging

  • Stock images 
  • Irrelevant images
  • Photos taken in locations outside service area

  3. Mobile phone (Android or iOS) check for geotagging compatibility

  • Check whether phone is capable of taking geotagged photos (Latitude and longitude showing in photo properties)
  • If yes, okay. If not, find and download a geotagging app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store
DigitalBull GO Geotagging Photos Process 1

4. App Installation

  • Install a few high-rated geotagging apps based on the following factors:

    • Free or paid
    • Ease of use
    • Accurately recognizes the geotagging data (latitude and longitude)
    • Allows for extra information to be added

5. Check for geotagging data

DigitalBull GO Geotagging Photos Process 2
  • Press the blue ‘Start now’ button
DigitalBull GO Geotagging Photos Process 3
  • Upload or drag and drop the photos into the blue box
DigitalBull GO Geotagging Photos Process 4
  • The tool will automatically recognize whether or not the photo was geotagged
  • In this instance, no geotag was found
DigitalBull GO Geotagging Photos Process 5
  • Here is an example of a geotagged photo
DigitalBull GO Geotagging Photos Process 6

6. Upload to Google Photos & Share

  • Upload the geotagged photos to Google Photos or Google Drive directly from your phone
  • Share the Photos Folder or Drive Folder with our Gmail – digitalbullleads@gmail.com

7. Upload to GMB.

  • The photos will be reviewed by DigitalBull GO, optimized, and uploaded to the GMB listing
  • Alternatively, we will share the optimized photos with you and you can upload them to the GMB