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What Is NAP?

NAP: Name, address, and phone number of a business.

NAP short for Name, Address, and Phone number.

  • Name – The name or title of the business
  • Address – Where the business is located
  • Phone – Phone number for contacting the business

Here is an example for NAP:

Name: Omega Locksmith

Address: 4346 W 51st Street, Chicago Il USA  60632

Phone Number: 773-277-5625

When the NAP is mentioned online, it is known as a citation. A citation is any online mention of business details.

The name should be the full legal name of the company, including limited, private, or proprietary. The name should match the title on the GMB listing.

GMB allows for a primary and secondary phone number but only the primary phone number is visible to the GMB user. Use as appropriate for lead tracking on GMB And website. Use the number on the GMB for your citation purposes.

A company will base its service area on the address in the NAP and Google may accordingly derive the service area from the address in the NAP. For GMBs with hidden addresses, use your discretion to add the address in the citation based on your privacy concerns and citation authority requirements. Alternatively just use the name of the town in the citation.

Ensure NAP consistency across your website. Add it in the footer of the website and the contact page.

If the company has different branches at different locations, add the separate NAPs on the respective city pages.

Try not to change the company’s NAP often since changes are sensitive and may lead to confusion among users and suspension by Google unless there are valid reasons.

DigitalBull GO Tip: Use different phone numbers when using the same address for multiple businesses. This will ensure adherence to Google TOS and also avoid confusion when answering phone calls.

NAP Audit Parameters in DigitalBull GO

Here are the subfactors/parameters for NAP that are analyzed in the DigitalBull GO Local SEO Audit Tool:

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NAP in DigitalBull GO

22nd May 2020 Upgrade – NAP is currently #23 on the Ranking Factors standings.

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