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Service Area

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What Is Service Area?

Service Area: The location/locations where a company provides services.

The service area is the region or regions where a company operates and provides its services. The residents and/or businesses in these areas are potential buyers for the products/services on offer.

On 5th November 2019, Google restricted the maximum amount of GMB service areas to 20. A company can now add and manage only 20 service areas on their GMB Listing.

Each service area could be restricted to just one neighborhood, but sometimes it could be the entire city or county, depending on the circumstances. The service area can include ZIP codes, postcodes or school districts.

This means that the company can either physically get to the customers living in this area or that the customers in this area could visit the store within a reasonable time to get what they are looking for.

On a GMB listing, the service area is depicted above the title, usually on the upper right corner. Clicking on it takes the person to the company map.

The ‘Service Area’ section of the listing applies to local businesses, as they serve customers within a specific local area.

There will be a service area for places such as jewelry stores, dental clinics, and attorney offices even though they have a set location.

The feature is even more useful for businesses who either visit local customers but not servicing them at their own business address. These kinds of businesses are known as ‘service area businesses’ (SABs).

For example, locksmiths, plumbers, and maids all come to the customer’s place and offer services. This way, people will know whether or not the business can reach them in time.

The service can also be used by businesses that both serve customers at their own address as well as deliver to customers. For example, a restaurant where people can eat food but where food can also be delivered to the customer.

The service area can be listed or depicted visually in the form of either a map embed from Google Maps or as a custom map created by the company. For SABs, the service area will be visible on the listing on the company map. Otherwise, only the store’s location will be visible.

DigitalBull GO Tip: When adding a service area to your GMB listing, check whether it is an area you can service at short notice, are already getting calls from that location and fall within a 30 mile radius.

Service Area Audit Parameters in DigitalBull GO

Here are the subfactors/parameters for Service Area that are analyzed in the DigitalBull GO Local SEO Audit Tool:

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Service Area in DigitalBull GO

22nd May 2020 Upgrade – Service Area is currently #5 on the Ranking Factors standings.

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