Law Firms can Generate More Leads via Google My Business

Google My Business is a powerful tool for attorneys and lawyers to generate more phone calls and leads. However, many of them are not utilizing the features that can help their legal business grow. Google My Business is a free tool by Google that displays the location of your law firm or building on Google Maps. Attorneys can use it to get more clients in their office doors. It’s not uncommon for attorneys and lawyers to be wary of the time commitment required to maintain a Google My Business listing. However, if you’re looking to generate more leads from Google My Business for your law firm, then you’ll need to take some time out of your day, week, or month to make sure that your business is showing up in the search results for queries like “law firm near me” or “attorney in [city]”.

Local SEO for attorneys is a great way to reach potential clients in your area. To generate more leads from Local SEO, you need a comprehensive strategy that considers your target markets and the keywords they use. With the right keywords, you can dominate any local search engine listings and increase visibility with prospective clients.

Why is SEO a must for Attorneys and Lawyers?

Local SEO for lawyers can boost their legal practice in the following ways.

Focused Local Targeting

Statistics reveal that 46% of the people search for a local business or service near them. So, if you want people in your state or county to seek your legal counsel,you must use local SEO for law firms. Without local SEO for lawyers,  the leads you get may not be from your neighborhood but from some distant location.

To attract clients from your neighborhood nearby, you must have a local SEO for lawyers.

Better lead conversion

Clients usually prefer lawyers who practice in their vicinity as they can visit and discuss with them at once. They can also check them out personally or through mutual contacts. By using local SEO for lawyers, your business gets listed with a map. This helps the local clients to locate you easily.

If your website has local attorney SEO, then it will feature on all the local searches. This means more people from your area will come to you for their legal needs.

Builds your reputation and trust locally

By using local SEO for law firms, lawyers attract more local clients. This helps them get positive reviews. This builds trust and enhances their reputation in the local community. Reviews also bring referrals and new clients to your business.

To build the local SEO of your website, you must first hire a good SEO agency for attorneys. 

DigitalBull GO Law Firm Local SEO Audit 2
DigitalBull GO Law Firm Local SEO Audit 3

Why do Legal SEO Companies Need Audit?

DigitalBull GO Law Firm Local SEO Audit 4

Local SEO for lawyers can use our Law Firm Go Audit to boost their legal practice in the following ways.

Focused Local Targeting

To attract clients from your neighborhood nearby, you must have Local SEO for lawyers. The law firm SEO tool improves your organic search rankings by using Google Maps and the local target keywords relevant to your legal niche. This can help you zero in on the local community as your target audience.

Better lead conversion rate

Clients usually prefer lawyers who practice in their vicinity as they can visit and discuss with them at once. By using the law firm SEO tool, your business listings improve with a map and the right GMB listing. 

Builds your online reputation and local trust 

By using local SEO for law firms,  you can increase your client acquisition. The Law firm Go Audit tool improves your online reputation by including positive reviews. Online Reviews also bring referrals and potential clients to your business. 

6 Elements of the GO Law Firms Local SEO Audit Tool

DigitalBull GO Local SEO Audit tool identifies the key areas for improvement in the client’s website, brand, and GMB. Our local SEO audit comprises of GMB Audit, Website Audit, and Brand Authority Audit. Thus we differ from other local SEO tools.  

GMB Audit

Comprehensive audit of your Google My Business profile and map listing to identify weak points and improve map rankings.

GMB One Time Audit

One-time GMB elements such as NAP, categories, URL, products, services, business.site, and description are audited here.

GMB Marketing Audit

Marketing elements of the GMB including posts, reviews, photos, and questions and answers are analyzed by our tool here.

Website Audit

Detailed audit of your website with special emphasis on the homepage and critical pages like service and location pages.

Website Technical Audit

Speed, schema, site structure, sitemap, security, and Search Console issues are some technical components analyzed here.

Website On-Page Audit

The on-page ranking factors our tool analyzes comprises titles, descriptions, headings, links, and image alt attributes.

Website Content Audit

Through the content audit, our tool assesses the quality of the text, images, videos, embeds, and other website content.

Brand Authority Audit

In-depth audit of your online presence on local, niche, and social channels to evaluate brand recognition and strength.

Brand Audit

Within the brand authority audit, our tool measures the performance of citations, backlinks, social, and site authority.

DigitalBull GO Local SEO services explainer

Key Differences Between Automated SEO Audit and Expert Local SEO Audit

Automated local SEO audits are performed by many websites for free and may deliver generic results. These audits are cookie-cutter audits performed by a machine or script.

In contrast, the local SEO audits of DigitalBull GO are done by trained local SEO professionals and are then reviewed by experts to maintain quality of the audit.

Expert audit tools like DigitalBull GO are usually based on Google algorithms and a local SEO score is calculated. This score helps identify the optimization gaps and the client can then use this data to improve the business profile. 

Law Firms Pricing Plan

Law Firms SEO

Prepaid credits $4000
  • Recommended 100 Day Basic Plan - $1000
  • *****PROJECT SETUP & AUDIT*****
  • Day 1 - 10
  • $100
  • GMB Setup & Local SEO Setup
  • Website & Brand Setup
  • GO Audit
  • GO Recommendations
  • *****MONTH ONE TASKS*****
  • Day 11 - 40
  • $300
  • Boost # 1 - GMB One-Time Optimization
  • Boost # 2 - Home Page Redeisgn
  • Boost # 3 - GMB Marketing Optimization
  • Month 1 - Report
  • *****MONTH TWO TASKS*****
  • Day 41 - 70
  • $300
  • Boost # 1 - GMB Marketing Optimization
  • Boost # 2 - Bullet 50 Citations (1 of 2)
  • Boost # 3 - On-Page for Home Page
  • Month 2 - Report
  • *****MONTH THREE TASKS*****
  • Day 71 - 100
  • $300
  • Boost # 1 - GMB Marketing Optimization
  • Boost # 2 - Bullet 50 Citations (2 of 2)
  • Boost # 3 - Scheme Deployment
  • Month 3 - Report
"Will this local SEO audit guarantee a place at the top? No. However, it will give a good boost to your local business and website. This audit might be the difference between dropping out and remaining in the race for the top positions on the local results."
Srinath Rangaswamy - CEO of Opteamize Cloud Solutions and Head of Local SEO Strategy at DigitalBull GO
Srinath Rangaswamy
Founder & CEO, Opteamize

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