10 Tools to Enhance Your Local SEO Rankings

Note: This post was published back in 21st January 2020 so certain information my be out of date, irrelevant, or inapplicable in relation to our current services and pricing plans.

During Thanksgiving of 2019, DigitalBull GO had run a Black Friday campaign offering to maintain our pricing through June 2020 if existing clients were to order our Local SEO optimization services before the end of 2019. A good number of our clients decided to take advantage of this offer.  

2020 dawned and we felt that we should add more value for our clients. Clients who opted for the new pricing plans would get additional value and clients who had taken advantage of our Black Friday deal would still benefit from our very affordable pricing.

We started researching and testing various software tools that would form the core of our new pricing plans and features. After two months of review and analysis, we are finally ready to launch our new pricing packages from March 1st onward!

So, what tools are we incorporating for our local SEO clients in 2020 and how can you benefit from our new pricing plans?

Here’s a list of 10 tools that our local SEO clients get as part of our new pricing.

Tool 1 - Visitor Analytics & Tracking

DigitalBull GO 10 Tools to Enhance Your Local SEO Rankings 1
DigitalBull GO - GoSquared Analytics

GoSquared functions as a lead management tool and a mini-CRM and it was rated as one of the 10 great alternatives to Google Analytics by Search Engine Journal

Once you sign up with our new pricing plan, you will get your own 24-hour live visitor dashboard via GoSquared!

Analytics: You save $15 per month ($45 for a 3-month plan)

Tool 2 - Live Chat & Messaging

DigitalBull GO 10 Tools to Enhance Your Local SEO Rankings 1

Every visitor your website gets is a potential customer, and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to convert. That’s why the next feature you will get is live chat and messaging on your site thanks to GoSquared.

This live chat widget helps you communicate with visitors in real-time and this live chat is available on mobile, too. You’ll love being able to customize content for live chatting with your site visitors and check their profiles while chatting! 

DigitalBull GO 10 Tools to Enhance Your Local SEO Rankings 3

So, if you’re a WordPress client, this is an additional bonus. You can capture more leads and communicate with your site visitors in a personal manner.  Check out the GoSquared reviews on Capterra to hear what great things others have to say about this tool.

DigitalBull GO - GoSquared Capterra Reviews

Once you sign up with our new pricing plan, you can chat with your visitors on desktop/mobile anytime with GoSquared! 

Live Chat: You save $10 per month ($30 for a 3-month plan)

Tool 3 - Project & Task Management

DigitalBull GO - Tool 3 - HiTask

Over the years, we have noticed that the things our clients like about DigitalBull GO (apart from our incredible pricing) are results and crisp communication.

To improve our internal systems and ensure that your tasks are completed on time, we have transitioned our team from the traditional Google Docs/Sheets to a project and task management tool called HiTask.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most transparent and open digital marketing companies. After weeks of testing, we found that HiTask is one of the simplest task management and project management software tools.

We have tried other tools in the past like Trello, Asana, ClickUp, and a few others for task management, but HiTask seemed simple, easy to use, and more suited for our local SEO, website development, and content marketing projects. 

A few things we are using HiTask for:

  • Displaying the GMB, website and off-page tasks for the month
  • Assigning people to the tasks
  • Adding information about the task and subtasks for each task, if any 
  • Setting the priority of tasks
  • Attaching files or links for relevant tasks 
  • Setting due dates and expected completion date for the task 

So you get to see planned tasks for the month, who is responsible for the tasks, and when it should be completed.

DigitalBull GO - HiTask Project Plan

We always find clients come to us asking “How can I fully optimize my GMB?”. Now, you can keep track of every GMB element and make sure it has been 100% optimized.

Once you sign up with our new pricing plan, you will get access to HiTask and track the status of your projects online 24×7! 

Project/Task Management: You save $15 per month ($45 for a 3-month plan)

Tool 4 - Blog Post Creation & Blog to Video Conversion

DigitalBull GO 10 Tools to Enhance Your Local SEO Rankings 4

We have received great feedback from our clients about the quality of our content. We take pride that very few of our content pieces are sent back by our clients for a rewrite.

“I like the work that you guys do, and I have been through many different people and not been impressed. But for the first time I am starting to feel comfortable… I appreciate your work. The content you delivered is first rate. If you need a recommendation from me, you got it. And I have other people write content for me. It has been very low quality. So I took a chance on you and it paid off. I am a happy customer!” 
Bob J.; Houston, Texas

Good quality blog content must be added to sites regularly to target new keywords or to strengthen the existing money pages. They also offer an opportunity for link building and serve as a way to upload dynamic content to your site.

Still not convinced of the importance of a blog? Here are 3 blogging statistics that may change your mind:

  • B2B marketers who use blogs receive 67% more leads compared to those who don’t.
  • 57% of marketers say they’ve gained customers specifically through blogging.
  • Small businesses that blog see 126% more lead growth than the businesses that don’t.

Despite these staggering statistics, we found that many of our clients did not even have a blog page before we started working with them. Of those who did, a lot of the blog pages were not updated regularly, abandoned or filled with low-quality content. 

We plan to change this. Our plans include providing 2 high-quality blog posts every month of 600 words each for clients who opt for the new pricing. You can also get all 6 blog posts at a time for a 3-month plan. A solid value! 

Some of our clients have also asked us to provide more video content. This is why not only will we generate two new relevant blog posts for your website, we will also perform blog to video conversion for one of these posts with Lumen5. Just check out the sample video below. 

From our experience, we found that most business owners do not have videos on their website, either because they didn’t know how to add them to the site or simply lacked the time to design them. Quality videos can be used to engage and interact with your users. 

Videos on your site reduce the bounce rate and keep the users from leaving the page. You can also upload your videos to YouTube, Vimeo, and your GMB. 

 A full 59 seconds video that you can use on your website, Google My Business Post, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and a short wait on Google SERPs as we get you those video SEO clicks!

With Lumen5, our team will add imagery, clips, audio, and color to spruce up your blog post and make it more attractive and appealing. You get 2 blog posts and a video every month! Order our new pricing plan and get a surefire way to rank with video posts!

Blog Post Creation: You save $40 per month ($120 for a 3-month plan)

Blog to Video Conversion: You save $90 per month ($270 for a 3-month plan)

Tool 5 - Blog to Social Boost

DigitalBull GO - Tool 5 - Blog2Social

Every time you want to post on your company’s social media account, you need to log in to Facebook, add relevant hashtags, and paste a link to your website. You then need to repeat this process for Twitter, and again for LinkedIn, once more for Pinterest, etc. The more social accounts you have, the longer it takes. 

Distributing your content on social media is vital to expand your reach, boost social signals (likes, shares, retweets, etc.), and generate leads and phone calls. If you have quality blog posts on your site, you can further their reach by sharing them on your social channels. According to the aforementioned blogging stats from SEO Tribunal, 75% of B2B marketers use blogs in their social media content, compared to 61% of B2C marketers.

Sharing your blogs is necessary, but we found many of our clients just don’t have the time and their social channels lay dormant. We have good news for you! DigitalBull GO will be solving that hassle. You can distribute your content across 13 social media and web 2.0 platforms and save tens of dollars through the use of Blog2Social

We will use the Blog2Social WordPress tool to distribute your content across 13 channels like LinkedIn, Medium, and Reddit. You can add the social accounts yourself, update the blog posts, and publish the service or city content whenever you want, directly from your website. You can also schedule posts to be distributed. Additionally, we’ll be distributing your existing blog posts, along with the two new blog posts we create for you.

DigitalBull GO - Blog2Social Accounts

Social media management and content distribution are made very easy thanks to DigitalBull GO. Order our new pricing plan online to easily distribute blog posts across 13 social and web 2.0 channels through Blog2Social!

Content Distribution: You save $13 per month ($39 for a 3-month plan)

Tool 6 - Website Social Proof

DigitalBull GO - Tool 6 - WP Proof

Use the power of social proof to your advantage and get your money pages, service pages, city pages, blog content, and other critical pages to convert better with WP Proof!

 WP Proof also lets you display live notifications on your site for any of the following:

  • Coupons
  • Testimonials/Reviews
  • Visitors
  • Email
  • Requests 
  • Countdown 
  • Social Sharing 
  • Conversions
  • Video

Additionally, you can create a custom notification for your site depending on the nature of your business. You may have noticed that we have implemented this on our site with the testimonial of Chicago locksmith Jose Hernandez.

DigitalBull GO - WPProof -Jose Hernandez Testimonial

Get the most out of your website visitors by using social proof as a hook to reel them in. Order our Bullseye or Bulldoze plans and we will add social proof to your homepage and other critical pages!

Social Proof: You save $5 per month ($15 for a 3-month plan)

What are the new pricing plans we’re talking about?

Tool 7 - Smart & Powerful Internal Linking

DigitalBull GO - Tool 7 - LinkWhisper

Proper internal linking is critical for the following reasons:

  • Strengthening connections between pages on the site
  • Making sure SEO juice flows properly
  • Guiding user traffic to related pages. 

If you link to the right pages from the right pages, then you will definitely see a jump in your Google rankings. The problem lies in finding out what the right pages are. Internal linking is time-intensive and tedious, requiring extensive analysis on all the pages on your website. Even on small 10-20 page sites, you can see why this is difficult to manage.

Building smart internal links just got easier thanks to DigitalBull GO. We will resolve your site’s internal linking issues through the use of Link Whisper, a tool that offers suggestions for pages to link to, thereby speeding up the process.

DigitalBull GO - Link Whisper - Link Suggestions

You will rank better on Google thanks to your improved link structure. Buy our local SEO packages for smart and powerful internal linking using Link Whisper. 

Smart Internal Linking: You save $15 per month ($45 for a 3-month plan)

Tool 8 - Image Optimization & Compression

DigitalBull GO - Tool 8 - Short Pixel

Images add color to your site and help break up long chunks of text, which no will bother to read. The downside is that images slow down your site as they take time to load. Too many images make your website bloated and impatient users will quickly leave the site.

DigitalBull GO has the solution with ShortPixel Image Optimizer. We can improve your website’s performance by reducing image size while preserving image quality.

DigitalBull GO - ShortPixel Image Optimizer - Compression Comparison

Optimize and compress all the images on your site by up to 90% with ShortPixel. It’s time to speed up your website with this tool for more pageviews, better UX, and higher rankings. Order our new pricing and improve your load time with ShortPixel Image Optimizer.

Image Optimization & Compression: You save $6 per month ($18 for a 3-month plan)

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Is there any difference in tools for the 3-month and 4-month plans?

Yes. Clients who order 3 GMBs for our 4-month (Bulldoze) pricing plans get the advantage of 2 extra tools free, which we will cover now – NitroPack & Astra. 

Tool 9 - Page Speed Optimization & Load Time Reduction

DigitalBull GO 10 Tools to Enhance Your Local SEO Rankings 5

Although images play a role in affecting page speed, there is much more to it than that. It doesn’t matter how great your site looks or what content you’ve added if your site is slow. A big and often overlooked factor affecting websites is speed. People may come to the site, but they leave because it doesn’t load in time.  

You don’t have to worry about that now because we offer page speed optimization and load time reduction thanks to Nitro Pack. Now, we guarantee a 95+ speed score on GTMetrix.

NitroPack makes websites load fast by employing multi-level proprietary tech to deliver 36+ optimization types on a scalable distributed network. Order our 4-month plan and get 90+ on Google desktop and 80+ on Google mobile via NitroPack!

Page Speed Optimization: You save $29 per month ($87 for a 3-month plan)

Tool 10 - Website Security & Protection

DigitalBull GO - Tool 10 - Astra

We recently had a case where our client’s website was hacked by a Japanese spam attack. We neither built this site nor hosted it. Still, it became incumbent on us to work with the client to fix this issue.

While the website is recovering, the downside is that instead of working to improve the client’s rankings and generate more leads and calls, we had to spend time and resources fighting the hackers. 

Unfortunately, WordPress, while being user-friendly, is susceptible to hacking. Businesses spend a lot on building websites but they neglect the security portion of it.

While updating plugins, having a good hosting provider, and regular backups are all basics,  it is imperative you why we are offering complete 24×7 protection courtesy of Astra to make sure the website is safe and secure from hackers, spammers, spyware, malware, viruses, bots, trojans, and many other threats lurking on the internet. 

A website takes weeks, even months to recover from a hack and even then, you may never get back your ranking position on Google. The risk isn’t worth taking. Order the 4-month plan and get a security upgrade thanks to Astra Website Security! 

Website Security Optimization: You save $24 per month ($72 for a 3-month plan)

Are the tools only for your websites?

No. We have tools/features to improve your Map Pack ranking as well.

Tool 11 - Citations Management & Tracking

DigitalBull GO - Tool 11 & 12 - BrightLocal

We found that managing citations was a big problem for you because you order some here and others elsewhere. Sometimes, citation providers push unneeded citations without local or niche relevance. Some links to citations are in an Excel sheet on your computer and others are in a Google Sheet somewhere else. 

Eventually, the citations pile up and become hard to find, and it’s nearly impossible to keep track of what citations you have and which ones you don’t. So, you order more citations and this results in duplicates. You know you have to fix the incorrect citations too, but you again face difficulty in finding out where these citations are. 

We’re going to solve this with BrightLocal Citation Tracker.

Citations management has now been simplified. DigitalBull GO has worked out an arrangement with BrightLocal wherein we can get to track and manage all your citations in one place! 

DigitalBull GO will perform the citation audit, help you evaluate your key citation score, track all your citations in one place, view competitor citations, and get dynamic citation reporting with changes being reflected in real-time.

This difficult task of managing citations is made easy for you and then based on the citations report, you can choose whether you want to get the incorrect citations fixed and new citations added through us viz. BrightLocal, Citation Builder Pro, etc., or your own trusted partners. 

Now, order our new pricing for 3 or 4 months and manage all your citations in one place with BrightLocal!

Tool 12 - Local Organic & Map Rank Checking

DigitalBull GO - Tool 11 & 12 - BrightLocal

The Google map algorithm is different from the organic algorithm. Map rankings for search terms (especially those like “plumber near me” or “dentist”) vary depending on the user’s location.

Plus, it takes a lot of effort to manually check the rankings for each keyword. While tools like SERP Robot and RankTank work great for checking organic search results, DigitalBull GO is now providing dynamic reporting through BrightLocal Local Search Rank Checker because we believe it is a fast and accurate way to track local SERP and Map Pack rankings. 

This is a live and dynamic report that will be updated on a regular basis, not just a static report. You can now view your rankings for multiple keywords on the Google Map Pack and organic SERP, updated in real-time, all in one place.

You can monitor your rankings on both mobile and desktop with colorful reports that are easy to understand. This helps determine which search terms and topics need to be further optimized. You can now check all your rankings online for your various keywords, you can keep track of where you are, and the changes from one period to another

Now, our clients can enjoy the complete reporting bundle of map results, organic results, citations, reputation, GMB, and local search. Order our new pricing and track how your keywords are ranking with BrightLocal’s Rank Checker!

Organic & Map Rank Checking: You save $10 per month ($30 for a 3-month plan)

What about our DigitalBull GO GMB audit tool?

DigitalBull GO is already the world’s most comprehensive local SEO audit tool, covering over 125+ factors for your GMB, Website, and Off-Page. We are releasing new updates to our tool on the 22nd of every month and you can check out our product upgrade notes for previous upgrades.

Going forward, we plan to bring in the BrightLocal, HiTask, and GoSquared dashboards to DigitalBull GO. Soon, you will be able to log in to DigitalBull GO and take a look at the project management, rankings, citations, visitor analytics, etc.

Are we an affiliate partner with any of the tools?

No. DigitalBull GO is not affiliated and we do not earn a commission or get a single penny from the sales of these tools.

The newer pricing models for either three months (Bullseye) or four months (Bulldoze) gives you guaranteed access to these tools and features, which is a huge value of around $800 right there that you get at no extra charge. 

For just a small fraction more, you get all analytics, live chat, dynamic reporting, managing your citations, tracking your rankings, two blog posts, two videos, social content distribution, task management, and more!

What do Clients get?

Sign up for our 3-month or 4-month plans and get more leads!

Still not convinced? Here are 3 more reasons why you should sign up for our new plans.

A. Get Quicker Results

SEO is about results – more site visits and phone calls. While our low pricing was attractive, it handicapped us and prevented us from experimenting and trying out new techniques.

B. Enhanced Techniques

We have been enhancing our audit and optimization techniques which takes a fair chunk of our time, energy, and financial budget.

C. Compete Against the Best

The DigitalBull GO brand has been rising steadily and we are on the first page of Google in all cities of the world for search terms such as “gmb audit”, “white label gmb optimization”, and “white label google my business audit”. With our new and improved SOPs, we can offer better value to our customers than the “Matt Boleys” of the world who are at higher price points but offer similar plans.

Nothing against Matt Boley and he has done a great job in pitching his company’s services to businesses but our comparison sheet (coming soon) will show the stark difference in value when you choose us against similar agencies even those located in the US.

DigitalBull GO February 2020 Upgrade

How can you get access to these tools and features?

If you are an existing client you can upgrade to any of these plans from our pricing page.

Here is a word from our Founder Srinath Rangaswamy.

Convert your website into a lead magnet!

If you are an agency or business owner, schedule a consultation with us.