13 Reasons Why Your GBP Could Be Suspended

Welcome to digitalbullgo.com and today we’ll be counting down the top 13 reasons for a Google Business Profile being suspended.

Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) is an important part of any local business that wants to make its presence felt online.

“A Google Business Profile being suspended can be disastrous for a small business.” – Srinath Rangaswamy

Check out these thirteen reasons why a GBP listing can be suspended and follow our tips just to be safe.

13 Reasons Why Google May Suspend Your Business Profile

Here are the top 13 reasons for Google suspending your business listing.

#13 – Too Many Changes Too Soon. 

Avoid making too many changes too soon after verification. Allow a cooling period of 2 to 3 weeks after the GBP is verified before adding a lot of content.

#12 – Operating In Sensitive Niches.

You have to tread lightly when it comes to GBPs in sensitive niches. Be especially careful in the case of Locksmiths, Garage Doors, and ‘difficult to verify’ profiles.

#11 – Impatient and Interim Changes.

A lack of patience results in interim changes being made before verification. Do not make changes when waiting for a verification postcard from Google.

#10 – Conflicting Storefront and SAB.

Be consistent when choosing address options for multi-location GBPs. Choosing both store and SAB options for multi-location GBPs may increase risk.

#9 – Guilty By Association Trigger!

Hedge your risk and avoid using the same email or manager account, etc. for more than one profile. Also, provide Agency or Manager access, not Owner access.

#8 – Flaw in Verification Methods.

Be wary of miracle techniques and those boasting a 100% verification success rate. Oftentimes, ‘too good to be true’ guarantees are just that.

#7 – Trying to Shut Out Competition.

Avoid overlapping GBP service areas or placing them near one another. This might end up backfiring since 2 GBPs are too close to each other.

#6 – Ineligible for GBP.

Do not use GBPs for e-commerce businesses (without physical stores) and lead-generation businesses as it is against Google TOS. 

#5 – Using a Common Phone Number.

Never duplicate or copy phone numbers. Avoid adding an already used phone number of another of your GBPs. 2 GBPs shouldn’t have the same number.

#4 – Adding a Call Forwarding Number.

Avoid call-forwarding software and services, if possible. Do not add this to your GBP since Google may think you’re trying to trick the user.

#3 – Flitting Between SAB and Storefront.

Try not to go back from a ‘hidden’ service area business to a known address or vice-versa (from a physical storefront to a hidden address.

#2 – Too Many Changes at Once.

Avoid making too many changes at once. Instead, use the drip-feed technique when updating the Google Business Profile.

#1 – Changes to Sensitive Elements.

Certain elements of the GBP are more sensitive than others. Get the NAP, Title, and Primary Category right the first time to reduce your risk.

Google Business Profile offers a level playing field for small businesses. However, GBP suspensions are difficult to overturn. Play hard but play safe.