GBP Business.Site vs. Google Sites

In today’s world, having a business without a website is like eating food without a plate. Yes, you can try it, but it’s going to be quite a challenge.

For your business to be recognized locally and globally, you need to establish its presence strongly on the internet. Two ways to do so are through the GMB website (Business.Site) and Google Sites.

However, people seem to be unaware of what these are or that they are two different things. It’s time for our SEO reseller to compare and contrast!

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”   – Paul Cookson


The Business.Site is a free website builder for your business from Google.

To get your business featured in local searches, you must claim a Google Business Profile (GBP) listing. While you create your GBP listing, Google asks you if you would like to build your website (Business.Site) in 3 easy steps. 

Just go ahead and follow the steps and you will have your GBP website ready in minutes.

What is so special about a Business.Site?

Every business should have a Google Business Profile website (Business.Site) for the following reasons:

  • A Business.Site expands the online footprint of the business.
  • A Business Site has all the required information about your business on one page. For this reason, it makes a good landing page.
  • All essential information about your business like contact information, working hours, directions using Maps, Photos, etc is pulled from your GBP and listed on the Business.Site.
  • Google is the most used search engine in the world and it prefers to have information in a format and environment using GBP.
  • GBP website is the ideal platform to use for social media marketing or lead generation.
  • GMP website is a boon for start-ups that do not have a website.
  • Your GBP website has a URL with extension- “.business.site”.

For example – https://carmatrix.business.site

I already have a website. Do I still need a Business.Site?

Your website might be more elaborate and have more functions than a GBP website. However, having a Business.Site will do you a world of good, with no downsides.

Your Business.Site is enough to give a concise description of your business for those who want to scan it. It can be redirected to your main website also. Your Business.Site is mobile-friendly and is created using the data on your GBP listing and photos. This means that you have to take no extra effort into creating your Business.Site.

The Business.Site is a simple, business-friendly way of establishing the presence of your business online.

Many companies and agencies don’t even know that the Business.Site exists. These Business.Sites are left unpublished and unoptimized.

Boost your business with GBP’s Business.Site to rank higher on Google search or SEO.

Google Sites

Google Sites is Google’s website-building platform. Like Wix, Weebly, or WordPress, it is used to build webpages. It is an app that is a part of G-Suite like Docs, Calendar, Drive, News, etc.

Google Sites allows you to build a website without any prior knowledge of coding or even HTML. It allows you to collaborate with other Google users as a team in the website building.

 Is Google Sites free?

Yes, for 14 days, Google Sites is free. After this period, you can take the basic subscription for $5 which gives you 30GB of storage and access to all other tools of the G Suite.

Attractive Features of Google Sites

  • Google Sites allow you to choose your theme from its templates
  • You can make your website more functional by adding gadgets to your site like calendars, maps, sheets, etc.
  • With Google Sites, you can interact with a vast amount of people
  • Google Sites allows you to provide selective access to your site, so you can decide who can access and edit your site
  • You can use your Gmail credentials to log in to Google Sites
  • Google Sites allows you to create an interactive, dynamic and responsive website
  • Editing can be easily done with drag and drop facility
  • It allows integration with other tools of G-Suite like Maps, Google Drive, etc.
  • It has 3 levels of permissions – Owner, Editor, and Viewer
  • It supports the embedding of HTML and JavaScript
  • You can also integrate Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, etc. and bring them into your Google Site

As you can see, Google Sites has a lot of attractive features.

Steps to creating a website using Google Sites

  1. Go to the Google Sites dashboard and click the “Create ” icon and then “Create New”.
  2. Now coin a unique name for your website and enter it here. This is automatically appended to your site’s URL.
  3. Select a theme for your website from the template gallery.
  4. Now Google Sites will create the basic layout of your website.
  5. Now go to “Edit site layout” and edit your website to customize it.
  6. Click on “Create a Page” to create a page on your website.
  7. Add content to it, both text and images using the menus.
  8. Next, go to “Manage Site” and edit the permissions to control access to your page.
  9. Now, you have invited others to view your website.
  10. Click on Publish to get your website going.

Here is a sample Google Site: https://sites.google.com/view/samplelocksmith/home​

Lots can be done with Google Sites to make your website interactive and dynamic.

Google Sites is a user-friendly tool from Google that allows you to create dynamic, interactive, and responsive websites effortlessly.

Business.Site & Google Sites

Both the Business.Site and the Google Site are means to push more information out there. The more positive content there is about you or your company, the better. Plus, they are both Google entities and it will please Google to know that you are making use of them. 

Make the most of your GBP Business.Site and your Google Site by optimizing it with the guidance of an expert SEO agency like DigitalBull GO.

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