Have You Linked to the Correct URL From Your GMB?

Every GMB has a ‘Website’ button that transports you to the site or page when clicked. Since the GMB can only display a limited amount of information on your business, connecting the GMB and website is a great way to let people know more about your company.

DigitalBull GO Have You Linked to the Correct URL From Your GMB? 2

Is your GMB linked to the correct URL of your website? This seems like an easy question to answer, but it may not be as obvious as you think.

Having reviewed and optimized hundreds of GMBs, along with developing our GO Audit tool, we at DigitalBull GO have a keen eye for mistakes business owners or other SEOs might miss. 

Here are the issues our team frequently notices with the GMB and website over the years:

  1. Business.Site

The website link was pointing to the GMB website (business.site). Note that this can happen at any time. Google has deliberately made a confusing UI wherein you are asked whether you want to use the GMB website (within GMB) as the GMB link. A wrong answer and your website is kicked out and the GMB site linked in its place.

  1. Insecure

This is the most common mistake we have noticed. The website will be HTTPS but the GMB will point to the HTTP version of the site. Sometimes, you may have added the SSL certificate to the site and migrated to HTTPS, but forgot to change in GMB. It’s even worse if your developer has not managed it on the website/backend.

  1. Incorrect

On rare occasions, the website is just plain incorrect. The GMB was connected to another site. Hence, when the link was clicked, it was going to the wrong website. This may happen by oversight. Sometimes, you may have changed the website domain but forgot to update it in the GMB. There may be a small typo or letter that was missed, hence the site was incorrect. To avoid such mistakes, copy the URL from the address bar of the browser rather than entering it manually.

  1. Not Working

Some clients don’t even check their websites for days. That’s what you are paid for! You may not even be aware until you get an alert or click on the GMB and find the dreaded ‘not working for all’ issue. In this instance, the problem lies with the website and not the GMB. Our team uses a couple of tools and alert systems to notify us when a site goes down. Be sure to find out the problem on the site and fix the issue as soon as possible!

  1. Wrong URL

The website may be correct. However, the GMB link pointing to the wrong URL on the website. Though the homepage is by far the most popular page to link to, not all GMB links point to the homepage! Roughly 12-15% of GMBs point to other pages like specific location pages, service pages, or the contact us page. Check whether the page is the right one.

  1. Does your audit tool or regular GMB maintenance pick this up? Most automated audit tools cannot pick up some of the nuances mentioned above. While they may be able to discover the URL linked, they may not know whether it is correct.

    Is the website link in your GMB pointing to the right URL? The only way to resolve this is to have a regular check of the GMB link. All it takes is one click from time to time. All this may be costly in terms of traffic to the website from the GMB. Also, your clients will be happier when you point out the issue and the solution rather than them noticing it and alerting you!

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