Maximizing Your Business.site

This Google My Business & Local SEO Tip is the 1st of a series of 100 planned tips conceived by DigitalBull GO Director, Srinath Rangaswamy for a Facebook Group by the same name. The aim is to add 100 useful tips on the FB Group in the year 2021. So far Srinath is on target with 48 reached as of 28th June 2021.

The tips are meant to help the budding SEO understand  the basics of setting up a Google My Business account and subsequently optimizing, maintaining and managing them. The tips can also help an agency owner use the GMB platform to grow  business with a better knowledge of the intricacies of local SEO & GMB.

The Business.Site is a free Google tool that functions as a website for your Google My Business profile. It contains your posts, photos, NAP details, and contact information. It is not to be confused with the Google Site (sites.google.com).

Maximize the use of your GMB Site by:

  1. Replacing the default URL of the Business.Site (website provided within GMB or GMB Site).
    b. Redirecting to it.

After hearing lots of complaints from clients about the long and ugly URL of the Business.Site (GMB Site), DigitalBull GO was looking at ways to circumvent the long URL while also deriving some advantage from it.

This is not a tip on how to rank the Business.Site but how you can use an extra domain at your disposal or use a second domain without letting it fall into your competitor’s arms.

#2A – You can connect a domain purchased from Google Domains and this will automatically replace the default Business.Site URL. So, if you are torn between apexgaragedoor.com and apexgaragedoors.com, you can use one for your website and the other for the Business.Site. However, please note that your domain must have been purchased from Google Domains. Alternatively, transfer them to Google Domains from your existing registrar.

#2B – Redirecting of old but high authority domains has been in the news recently. If you have seen rankings tank or just not wanting to redirect your extra domain to your website, you can redirect it to the Business.Site instead.

DigitalBull GO Maximizing Your Business.site 2

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Ultimately it’s about more leads and calls and you as a business owner should never lose sight of that! Managing your company’s presence on GMB is not only important for your brand but also for your business growth.  With our  tips,you will be able to take control of your Local SEO  marketing strategy and get ahead of your competitors..

If you have any questions along the way just email us at getleads@digitalbullgo.com. We will be happy to answer anything related to GMB & Local SEO.! 
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