Understand the Four Levels of Business Profile Access in GMB

The dreaded orange edits are sometimes welcome but many a time fill you up with anxiety and worry. 

The blue ‘Accept all for this location’ can feel like a ‘nuclear trigger’ moment. A little overkill maybe but you get the gist!

…but what should you do if the accept all button does not seem to change things/elements in the GMB the way you wanted it to?

If you are an agency managing clients’ GMB accounts, check your user access.

There are 4 levels of business profile access:

Primary Owner [Business owner should never relinquish as long as they own the business, so Agencies should not aspire or ask for this]

Owner [Almost everything the Primary Owner does except deleting the Primary Owner]

Manager [Everything except cannot add or delete users & business profiles]

Site Manager [can add/edit photos, posts, review replies, address & hours]


Even though Google claims in the support document above that a Manager or Owner can accept all Google updates, I have noticed in a few cases that it requires the Primary Owner to accept before the edit gets approved/ratified in the GMB.

My Tip:

Don’t panic. Call the primary owner and ask him/her to accept the edit. It should go through. If you are a Manager, you can try the Owner access first.


I have not delved into the aspect of internal and external (3rd party) or malicious edits. That is for another day.

DigitalBull GO Understand the Four Levels of Business Profile Access in GMB 2

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