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What Is Content?

Content: Information located on a website or online media.

Content is online information and data in any form. It can be presented as text, images, GIFs, infographics, videos, graphs, memes, quizzes, polls, calculators, etc.

In the immortal words of Bill Gates, “Content is king.” Yes. In 1996. Whatever your issues with the Windows guy, he seems to foresee things before everyone else. 

The growth of social media and the popularity of Web 2.0 sites like Medium and Reddit has aided in user-generated content (UGC) and people can collaborate and share information like never before. Tools like IFTTT (IF This Then That) can be used to quickly distribute content over many social and Web 2.0 channels.  

Content can be classified into three types:

  • Created content is original content that was made or developed completely by the user.
  • Curated content, also called collated content, is pulled from another place, either online or offline. It is a collection of content from other places. Either way, it wasn’t created by the person posting it or using it.  It can be a blog post or an image that is shared on another site, a GBP post, or social media page. Directories and some news sites are other examples of curated content.
  • Syndicated content, also known as commissioned content, is when content is published by a 3rd party on various channels. For example, press releases are published across multiple news websites.

Content is one of the pillars of SEO, with the others being on-page, technical, and off-page. Of these 3, content must match closely with on-page. Content and On-Page elements must be in harmony with each other to ensure the site ranks at the top.

Users are always on the lookout for the latest content and information related to what they are searching for. When it comes to products and services, local businesses tend to have an edge over big companies simply because they are located closer to the person.

Content is what defines a website or your GBP listing and tells Google, Bing, and other search engines what the website or Google Business Profile is all about.  

These are the options available in to let Google know about what your business is all about:

  • Description
  • Posts
  • Q&A
  • Reviews
  • Services
  • Photos and Videos
  • Homepage, About Us, and Contact Us
  • Service and City Pages

Google values content that is original and provides value to the user. Content should be fresh, quality, original, relevant, useful, readable, and of sufficient length (word count) for a better likelihood of ranking higher. 

DigitalBull GO Tip: Always look for chances to optimize the GBP content. Regularly look at your posts, products, services, events, offers, etc., and ensure that the right content is being updated.

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