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Group: GBP.

What Are Reviews?

Review: A public write-up of the business created by a customer.

People are allowed and often encouraged, to leave reviews about a business. This can be related to the service offered, the interactions they had with the business people, the look and feel of the store, etc. The person leaving the review is known as the reviewer.

On the GBP, reviews appear below the Website and Direction buttons. Clicking on ‘(#) Google Reviews’ will pull up all the reviews for the business.

Every Google Business Profile Review is composed of three main parts:

  • Rating
  • Comment
  • Reply

The rating is a rating out of five stars, with one being the lowest and five being the highest.

The comment is the feedback in the form of text. Usually, this is the text that is related to the rating or justifies giving them a particular rating.

The reply is the reply to the review from the business that was reviewed. The reply is also known as a ‘response’.

There is also an option for users to like a review though this option is infrequently exercised.

Reviewers also have a choice to just leave a rating with no explanation (comment) given. They will also be notified that their Google Review has received a reply.

The average rating is displayed on the GBP listing. It is the total stars divided by the total reviewers.

Average rating = Total stars from all reviews ÷ Number of reviewers

Say a business received twelve 5-star reviews, four 4-star reviews, and one 2-star review.

The total stars are (12×5 + 4×4 + 1×2) = 78 with 17 reviewers meaning the average rating displayed would be 78÷17 = 4.58, which is rounded up to 4.6.

Reviews can be written by Google Local Guides, and reviewers can also attach photos to their reviews.

If you receive an especially good review, consider converting it to a GBP post. Another idea for a GBP post is a collection of your top reviews. 

The reviews can be submitted directly to a business listing or displayed on the GBP after being submitted through other review sites where the company is listed such as Lawyers.com, Facebook, Angi, and Yelp.

Reviews are not exclusive to the GBP. You can add these reviews to your website and use a review schema to display the rating on your website when it shows up on the SERP.

The reviews are public and visible to everyone. However, they can also be flagged (may need community support) and removed if deemed inappropriate. However, this process may face an inordinate delay.

Don’t fret about the odd 3 or 4-star ratings. It’s impossible to please everyone. Also, a 4.7 or 4.8 appears more natural than the perfect 5.

Some negative comments are meant to rile you and get you worked up. You can do some investigating and click on the reviewer and take a look at their reviewer history to check out their past reviews.

Reply to every review, whether positive, negative, or neutral. Check your review replies to see if you’ve gotten your keywords in, as this is the part of the review that is completely in your control.

DigitalBull GO: Most users can sense good and genuine reviews so make every effort to get your satisfied clients to give you a 5-star review within hours of the service being completed. You can also use 3rd party tools to automate this process.

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