May 2020 Upgrade

This is the changelog for DigitalBull GO: The world’s most comprehensive local SEO audit tool! We plan to upgrade our robust and one-of-a-kind DIY audit tool on a monthly basis. In this post, we have listed all the additions, removals, and changes that have been released by our team for the month of May 2020.


  • Change: Dashboard now displays GMB Audit Score, Website Audit Score, Off-Page Audit Score, and overall Local SEO Audit Score upon completion of the audit

GMB Analyzer

  • Removal: Removed GMB Analyzer module entirely

GMB Optimizer

  • Change: Renamed GMB Optimizer module to GMB Audit
  • Change: All 12 factors in GMB Audit now DIY

Website Ranker

  • Change: Renamed Website Ranker module to Website Audit
  • Change: All 10 factors in Website Audit now DIY

Off-Page Booster

  • Change: Renamed Off-Page Booster module to Off-Page Audit
  • Change: Both factors in Off-Page Audit now DIY

Google Tools

  • Removal: Removed ‘Google Tools’ module entirely


  • Addition: Added new ‘Insights’ module to offer additional audit & optimization insights to users

Ranking Factors

  • Addition: Added new ‘Ranking Factors’ module to showcase scoreboard of the 24 ranking factors

Our Local SEO audit tool is now available free of cost and anyone can create an account, start their first audit, and get their audit score.

Our team is always on the lookout for new ways to improve our tool and our processes. Any and all feedback is welcome. We have some changes in mind and more updates planned for the ranking factors, the algorithm, and the tool itself. Stay tuned!