Service Area Analysis for Your GMB!

Why is service area analysis important?

Getting the right service areas in Google My Business can mean an additional $3000 – $4500 per month ($100 – $150 per day) in your pocket through increased local calls from areas you can most certainly service.

The service area added in your Google My Business is crucial for Map Pack rankings, so it is important to get this correct.

DigitalBull GO - Service Area Analysis

Who needs service area analysis?

You will need GMB and maps service area analysis in the following instances:

  1. You haven’t used all the 20 service area locations
  2. You don’t know how to optimize the locations
  3. You have more than one GMB nearby with potential conflict
  4. You aren’t getting calls from certain locations
  5. You want to increase the number of calls

Step 1 - Analyze your existing GMB service areas

Step 2 - Calculate potential service areas for your GMB

Step 3 - Finalize list of 20 best service areas for optimal performance

Maps Service Area Analysis & Recommendations

DigitalBull GO is a professional SEO agency offering GMB and maps service area analysis and recommendations to agencies and local businesses primarily in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Our Director Srinath Rangaswamy has personally crafted this first-of-its-kind service at the unbelievable price of just $99 USD!

Our team will perform a meticulous analysis of local data to select the possible areas.

Using this, we will help narrow down the list to just 20 service areas with pinpoint accuracy and help you freeze them.

This is a comprehensive and scientific service area analysis of your GMB listing and recommendations for 20 service areas to be updated.

What do you get?

  1. Service area map with recommendation markers
  2. 20 service area recommendations
  3. Analysis of data – driving distance, rankings, population, etc.

With this data-driven analysis, you can maximize the 20 service areas on your GMB based on factors like population, distance, time, and calls. Rank on the Map Pack and dominate your local neighborhoods with DigitalBull GO! 

Service Area Analysis
Get One GMB Service Area Analysis & Recommendations
$ 99 One-Time
  • Maps Service Area Analysis For One GMB
  • 20 Recommended Service Areas
  • Service Area Map With Markers
  • Scientific Analysis of Local Data
  • TAT - 72 Working Hours

DigitalBull GO: Analyze. Optimize. Rank.

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