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Available SEO Boosts

SEO Boosts are a set of Ranking Boosts put together to help both customers and the internal SEO project team understand the scope of work and plan for that month. A total of 4, 6 or 8 boots are planned for every month depending on the budget and monthly retainer paid by the customer. Most boosts on an average cost $100. The Ranking Boosts in each category are as follows: –

  • Google My Business Boosts 
  • Website Boosts 
  • Brand Building Boosts

GMB Boosts

DigitalBull GO Audit
GMB One-Time Optimization
GMB Recurring Pack
Google 360
Keyword Analysis
Holiday/Special Theme GMB Post
Optimization Recommendations
Event Marketing

Website Boosts

Mobile Optimization
Site Structure Strengthening
Technical Analysis
Website Security
Entity Enhancement
Page Rank Analysis

Brand Boosts

Maps Optimized Website (MOW) System
Aggregator Citation Pack
Channel Automation / IFTTT
RSS Feed
Data Studio Reporting
Brand Identity Builder
GMB Local Ads
Social Pin Drop Ads