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Backlinks are one of the most common words in the Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) industry. Backlinks are the hyperlinks or a form of citation, that are used by others talking about a topic related to you in their websites. These backlinks measure the quality of a page as per Google metrics. Inlinks, incoming links, or inbound links are the other words for backlinks.

Backlinks prove two things to Google:

  1. When so many websites are linked to one website domain, it means they are stronger.
  2. Powerful websites will only link with good quality websites. Authoritative website links are an indication of quality sites.

Using natural quality links is valued in the search engine more than the spammy ones. Search engines may penalize you for Low-quality backlinks or spammy links and your ranking will get lowered naturally. All backlinks are not treated equally by Google’s algorithm. Positioning of backlinks, their quality, and reliability play a major role in search engine ranking. So backlinks act as a boost to your website only if it is used properly. You need the help of SEO experts to rank your website legitimately.

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Types of Backlinks:

  1. Blogs
  2. Guest posts
  3. New Articles
  4. Local Citations
  5. Press Releases.
  6. Donations.
  7. Directories.
  8. Paid AD links
  9. Social Media
  10. Reciprocal Links
  11. Blog Comments and Profiles.
  12. Coupons
  13. Education
  14. NAP citations.

Advantages of Backlinks:

  • High-Quality backlinks increase referral traffic to your website.
  • It Builds brand authority.
  • Backlink strategy helps in the recognition of your brand.
  • Backlinks Improve Organic ranking.
  • Faster Indexing.

Backlinks score confidence votes in SEO Strategy. Strong outbound links increase your ranking in Google. Quality content, high-value backlinks, and good PR get you a 100 fold increase in your rank. For best results, you must perform a comprehensive Local SEO audit and create strategies for your brand and build links. 

DigitalBull GO has link-building services as a booster pack for its customers as a backlink bargain booster. Backlink bargain improves your domain authority with its link-building campaign and high-quality content. Our SEO strategy will increase our rankings in search 

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