ORM is short for Online Reputation Management. Your online reputation is the mirror of your brand identity. It is the reflection of your corporate status and business value as well. 

In today’s world of ruthless/ fierce competition, miscreants or business rivals may pass adverse comments or post bad reviews on social media. This will bring down the social standing and google rating of your organization. Preserve your reputation online by opting for online reputation management.


What is online reputation management?

Online Reputation management or ORM involves managing the reputation of your company online by generating positive social vibes and through website monitoring.  

Constant website monitoring is a must to check for adverse comments and bad reviews. Such comments can reduce your customer engagement rank.  That is why they must be removed from the website or rightly replied to.

All this can happen only with regular website monitoring using ORM tools. Such tools generate google alerts that notify you in case of any negative commenting. These alerts ensure that you take immediate action salvage your online reputation. 

Getting feedback and reviews is vital to enhance the overall performance of your website. But one must make sure that all the website reviews and social vibes are positive. Only then, traffic  to your website and your customer engagement rank will increase.

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Why must companies opt for online reputation management?

Every company has a website and business accounts on social media. Search engines like Google rate the website based on not only their traffic, but also based on the social vibes and reviews. This is why companies resort to online reputation management.

If your online reputation gets tarnished, it can affect both your brand identity and your company’s status in the market. Protect it from malicious or undesirable comments that may arise as user reviews or feedback.Such negative comments that go on Page 1 are literally inerasable from the internet but can be buried with the help of online reputation management.

Can social vibes and reviews really impact your online reputation?

  • For both individuals and businesses, online reputation is their identity in the social media. 
  • For businesses, reputation is life as most customers take their purchase decisions based on online reviews. In just a second, a  negative comment on Page 1 can make a viewer dislike your page, flip it and spread the word around. This will have a negative impact on the CTR of your website and affect the overall performance of your business.
  • For individuals, your name is your brand. Any damaging content about you will make the user just bounce off your page and move elsewhere.
  • This is why you should guard your reputation with life by availing the ORM services. 
  • Use online reputation management to get instant notifications on the adverse activity on your page or website.  This will help you control the damage to your online reputation  without delay.
  • Salvage and support your reputation online by availing our ORM services. Enhance your brand integrity in the digital world by opting for online reputation management.

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