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Let Us Manage Your Products on Google Merchant Center for just $249 Annually

Improve Your Product Visibility & Sales on Google Shopping!

Goals of Google Merchant Center

The primary Goals of our Google Merchant Center Services are to:

1. Enhance brand visibility by showcasing products on Google Shopping.
Increase revenue through higher click-through rates and conversions.
3. Improve product discoverability and search relevance.
4. Streamline the customer experience with accurate product information and pricing.
5. Optimize and maintain integration with Google Shopping for long-term success.

Advantages of being on Google Merchant Center

  • Increased online visibility through Google Shopping search results.
  • Access to a large pool of potential customers actively searching for products.
  • Enhanced product listings with rich content, images, and pricing information.
  • Seamless integration with Google Ads for targeted marketing campaigns
  • In-depth performance insights and analytics to drive data-driven decisions.
  • Ongoing optimization opportunities to improve product listings and visibility.

Here’s a list of Google Merchant Center Service deliverables for the client and their store:

1. Initial consultation and assessment: Understand the client’s business, products, and goals to tailor the onboarding process to their specific needs.
2. Google Merchant Center account setup: Create or optimize the client’s Google Merchant Center account, including store information, branding, and contact details.
3. Website compliance and integration: Ensure that the client’s website complies with Google Shopping policies, including clear and accessible information on returns and refund policies, as well as privacy and terms of service. 
4. Tax and shipping settings: Configure accurate tax and shipping settings within the Merchant Center to comply with local regulations and provide customers with accurate pricing information.
5. Product feed creation and optimization: Develop a product feed that meets Google’s requirements, including accurate product information, images, pricing, and availability. Optimize the feed for better visibility and performance in Google Shopping results.
6. Product category and attribute mapping: Ensure that products are correctly categorized and assigned appropriate attributes to improve search relevance and ad targeting.
7. Ongoing support and optimization: Provide continuous support to address any issues related to the website’s integration with Google Shopping, ensuring smooth and efficient operations over time. Set up the necessary tracking codes and scripts for seamless integration of the website with Google Shopping.
8. Performance monitoring and reporting: Regularly review the website’s integration with Google Shopping, provide reports, and recommend adjustments to improve the overall performance of the integration.

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How to get started with this service priced at $249 per annum:

To get started with our Google Merchant Center Services, simply follow these steps:

1. Contact our team of experts to discuss your business needs and goals
2. We’ll provide a customized proposal outlining our services and deliverables
3. Confirm your service subscription by paying the annual fee of $249
4. Our team will begin the onboarding process, collaborating with you to ensure a seamless integration with Google Shopping
5. Enjoy ongoing support, optimization, and performance monitoring for a successful online presence


Businesses that sell physical products online and comply with Google Shopping policies are generally eligible. However, some product categories and regions may be restricted. Contact us to discuss your specific business requirements.

We can optimize your existing account, ensuring it meets all Google requirements and is fully integrated with your website.

The onboarding process typically takes 2-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of your product catalog and website integration requirements.

Yes, our team can assist with the setup and management of Google Ads campaigns in conjunction with our Google Merchant Center Services.

No, the $249 annual fee covers our service fees for managing your Google Merchant Center account. Ad spend for Google Ads campaigns is separate and billed directly by Google.

Results may vary depending on factors like product category, competition, and ad spend. However, clients typically see an increase in visibility, click-through rates, and conversions within the first few months of integration.


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