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HARO - Help A Reporter Out

HARO is short for Help A Reporter Out. HARO is a bridge between journalists and sources. Journalists post questions. HARO is like a media kit used by journalists to easily find the information they need to know about your company. It’s like having an in-house publicist working for you 24/7.

Getting featured by big name publications is one way to get huge exposure and boost sales but it takes more than just writing them a letter with potential story ideas. Journalists are inundated with submissions all day long so before catching their interest, it could take some time for them to pitch back what might be relevant topics that match up against previous articles or columns they’ve written on similar subject matter. With access to our pre-made media kits which include everything from press releases and high resolution photos ready at hand anytime anywhere.


What do we do?

At DigitalBull GO, our team tracks all of these interactions and sees which reporter needs information about the selected niches  and interviews directly from the source. We help the journalists connect with our Clients. This saves time and makes life easier when dealing with busy journalists who don’t have time go digging through online databases like Google News 

Digital Bull GO is the most seamless way to get your name in front of a journalist. They’ll help you take advantage of HARO and pitch your expertise accurately for their story from an expert like yourself, all with our team’s support! You can be placed in high-end publications such as quotes or contextual links that will give you authentic backlinks and brand recognition rather than buying it.

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Why prefer HARO booster?

Companies prefer HARO booster for the following reasons:

  • Fast responses to HARO for building links.
  • We choose only the potential queries and best opportunities.

DigitalBull GO can help you take advantage of HARO and get quoted or contextualized in highly-trusted publications.

HARO is a service that helps journalists connect with experts on any topic through an automated email system. HARO makes it easy and efficient for journalists to reach out to sources by making sure your information gets into their inboxes first thing every morning!