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Having bought a new BMW car and not maintaining it properly is equal to not possessing it. Maintain your car with love and care so that it lasts for years as brand new. The same applies to websites.

Websites are the shop front for any company. From startups to nonprofit organizations and major corporations alike, a website is critical in today’s age of information-seeking consumers. A lack of an online presence can often leave companies feeling left out or forgotten by their customers – not good business! To create a powerful digital experience that resonates with your audience on all devices (and screens!), it starts at the ground level: what does your product do?

A well-designed site should have four key areas. 

  1. A home page/Landing Page as a content hub.
  2. Navigation menu bars across the top part of the screen with a drop-down menu,
  3. A clear call-to-action button. 
  4. A Blog or News Section which gives customers the ability to interact with your brand.

A well-built home page makes the customers spend more time on the website. 

Statistics have shown that a web page must attract visitors within 3 seconds to convert them into customers. Attractive, engaging, and professional websites will bring in more customers to your service. Visitors get a first impression from your web design. Nearly half of the visitors consider the website design as the most significant feature of the business credibility.

Company logo, Call-to-action, products and services, company information, contact details, testimonials, blogs, pricing strategy, certificates, marketing collaterals, and social media icons are some of the essential elements in the landing page. 

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If your home page is not the landing page, then sales will drop gradually. Whereas a properly designed home page has the potential to exceed the business goals. On average 60- 70% of the increase in sales is possible with a design-driven website. 

Content, speed, and design are the three major elements of a home page. If they are good and optimized at regular intervals, then your website will rank higher.

At DigitalBull GO, we help websites to create a successful homepage. Our team follows a step-by-step process to optimize your website. Keyword analysis and content rebuild/ optimization are the two major features of the Home page ranker.

The keyword analysis is an important part of any marketing campaign because it helps businesses determine which keywords they should be targeting to reach their target audience.

Our team creates content that will engage the visitors and motivate them to come back or share with their friends to grow the business. The major benefit of content optimization is generating more leads by increasing website traffic and ranking on search engines. With all these benefits, it’s easy to see how content optimization can be beneficial for any business owner!

Are you looking for a way to increase web traffic and leads? DigitalBull GO Home Page Rank boost is the answer! The key to content marketing success is understanding your audience and what they want. We are specialized in improving the performance of websites by optimizing their content. 

If you are looking for online marketing, SEO, or web design services that will help your company rank on the first page of Google search results and drive traffic to your website, we have a solution. We work with 25+ services niches under the broad category of maintenance, professional, Health, and Cleaning.

Our team is experienced in analyzing keywords to find out what people want from the industry and how they use those words when searching on popular search engines like Google. We can then optimize content accordingly so it ranks higher than other websites with similar topics. It means more qualified leads coming through your door! What kind of home page ranking solutions are you interested in?