Off-Page Blaster

The Off-Page Blaster is the best boost for improving your social presence. 

This boost comprises citations, social signals, manual outreach, and web 2.0 submissions.

Manual Outreach:

Manual Outreach involves creating valuable backlinks from trusted websites. This is an important SEO strategy that is linked with organic ranking. Your online brand presence is confirmed through this method. Good quality content and manual outreach introduces your brand to various sectors of audience and thus maximises your online visibility.


Social citations are important for any business to build their brand and increase their sales volume. At DigitalBull GO, we have a curated list of citation sources and directories to use for our clients. We walk you through the local directories with the same information and list your business.

We make sure that our clients are linked to their industry-specific directories, local chambers, local blogs, local newspapers, and websites.

DigitalBull GO Off-Page Blaster 1

Web 2.0 Submissions

Web 2.0 submissions involve posting content from your blog or pages on these social networking sites. It is a successful strategy for distributing your content on multiple platforms and expanding your visibility. 

Web 2.0 refers to websites that are designed for user generated content and participation through commenting, liking, and sharing the content. Web 2.0 was designed for users contribution, user interface, file storage and application software facilities. Some popular Web 2.0 sites are Quora, Medium, Reddit, and Blogger. Social networking and social bookmarking are its key features.  We create a subdomain for your business and write blogs for you. It boosts your page authority and increases organic ranking.

Social Signals:

With citations being the key to list businesses locally, social signals increase the organic search ranking of your business. Social signals are similar to backlinks.

Web communications are higher in social media than other websites and Google recognises your business and increases your organic ranking based on social media signals. Thus Social signals are termed as ranking signals. Social signals have become important for SEO similar to quality content, Pages and blogs.