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Podcast Push

Podcast Push

A podcast is a spoken audio file recorder in digital format. It can be downloaded to be played later on a listening device. Podcasts are widely popular as they are free, entertaining, and easy to listen to while doing other work. 

Why the name Podcast Push?

The podcast generator keeps a list of the media files as a web feed that can be accessed online. The listener uses a podcatcher which is a media player to access the web feed. He then downloads any new episodes on the web feed. 

Once this happens, other next episodes get automatically downloaded or pushed.  It appears as though the new podcast is being “pushed” to the listener. Hence the name “Podcast Push”.

Podcast setup-how to do it?

Podcasting may sound fun but setting up a podcast has to be planned carefully. Follow these steps for a successful Podcast setup.

  • Create a concept for your podcast.

To start with, identify your aim for setting up the podcast. Is the podcast set up for fun or meant for sharing a message? Next, decide its theme. Then, name the podcast using some keywords.

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  • Decide the podcast format

Deciding the format is an important step in podcast setup. This includes deciding the mode or format of the podcast, its length, and its schedule.

First,  fix the format of the podcast. Is your podcast going to be an interview or a group discussion? Is it going to be a news bulletin or a lec-dem? Is it going to be educational or entertaining? Is it academic or fiction? 

Next, specify the length of each podcast episode. Ideally, a podcast can be 20-30 min long.

Now comes the schedule of your podcast. Is it going to be one podcast per week? Or 3 Podcast audio of 20 min duration in each month?

  • Record your podcast.

To record your podcast you can even use your iPhone and a pair of headphones. Prepare the script, select a quiet pace and start recording. Use a USB or XLR microphone for recording. Edit your podcast to remove unwanted noises. Save and export your podcast to a podcast hosting service. Podcasts usually come as MP3 but  the podcast hosting software adds ID3 tags to ensure that the content is not lost.

  • Uploading your podcast

Once you export your podcast to the hosting service, you can upload it after adding a name and description. 

  • List your podcast under Apple Podcast, Spotify etc

Before you do this, create a poster artwork as a cover for your podcast. Then submit it to Apple and Spotify. To do this, go to directories under the podcast hosting service. Get listed under Apple or Spotify here and login there. Now, your podcast is ready to be streamed to the SPotify or Apple audiences. Repeat this for all other podcast directories and reach a wider audience.

  • Make your podcast SEO-friendly

Google now shows podcasts on top of the SERP. This happens only when you use

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Boost Your Online Visibility

Podcast SEO

Podcast SEO involves the use of keywords and SEO tips to ensure that your podcast tops the SERP. Get an SEo expert to help you in Podcast sEO.

Podcast Push is the latest trend to improve your business presence online. Make the most of Podcast push to create a personal relationship with the customers for your brand.