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Everyone wants to be in the news and this is true for all businesses too. But should one for your business to get into the news? Not anymore, when you have Press Releases.

With Press Releases, you can make news. In other words, you can use Press Releases to circulate news about yourself or your business in online and offline news media. By doing this, you increase the visibility and reach of your brand and expand its audience.

What is Press Release distribution?

Press Release distribution involves sending press releases to a large target audience. This audience consists of newspapers, freelance journalists,  influencers, bloggers, social media channels,etc.  

What are the advantages of Press Release distribution?

  1. Press Release distribution increases the visibility of your brand / business
  2. It creates new audiences
  3. It widens the penetration or reach of your brand
  4. It is cheaper than advertising

For all the above reasons. People prefer Press Release distribution for online coverage.

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What are the types of Press Release distribution?

There are 2 types of Press Release distribution

  • Automated or Wire Press Release distribution

Wire Press Release Distribution is the normal route to take. Here, you write the content of the Press Release and distribute it to wire services. Some of the popular wire services  online are Newswire, PRweb, PR Newswire etc. These wires send the news to Wall street Journal, Forbes, CNN, CNBC, Bing, Google News, etc.

Statistics reveal that ⅔ of the journalists use newswires. This makes them the popular mode for Press Release distribution.

The Wire type of Press Release distribution covers all news websites, media channels, and news content systems. They  can target local or global markets. You can choose an industry-specific or a  common audience for a wired press release. Many wire services offer guaranteed placements too at affordable pricing. But  such a Press Release Distribution through wire requires a careful strategy from an SEO expert.  These experts also provide the Press Release Distribution Report to assess the results of the PR.

2)Manual Press Release distribution

This type of Press Release Distribution is done using PR outreach tools like Prowly, Prezly, AnswerThePublic, PitchPress,etc. The advantages of using these Pr outreach tools is they create your database and help you target specific audiences. They tailor your content as per the end user and deliver faster. But their reach is smaller when compared to newswires. Getting a Press Release Distribution Report is also easy for this reason.

If you want to work on a budget and target only niche audiences with aggressive follow-ups, you can use this mode of Press Distribution. But even for this, you need strategizing from an SEO expert.

Choosing a Press Release Distribution channel

Selecting a channel for Press release distribution depends on your budget, your target audience, etc. but apart from these, also check on

  • The number of outlets covered
  • Maximum word count of the Press Release
  • Permitting use of multimedia
  • Audience targeting capability
  • Proof-reading and editing services
  • Analytics and Press Release Distribution Reporting

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Boost Your Online Visibility

Press Release Distribution  is the best way to get the online world to talk about your business. Plan it well with the help of an SEO expert and set the world buzzing about you.