Schema Deployment

Website Schema

Owning a website has become a basic prerequisite for any business. But that alone is not enough. Your website should pop up in answer to queries on the search engine. Only then, will your website be relevant. To achieve this, you must optimize your website using Website Schema.

What is Website Schema?

In 2011, Google Website launched Website Schema. Its aim was to help its search engine fine-tune its search results.  Using Website Schema, it displays only relevant information as answers to search queries.Website Schema is a collection of words and tags used to refine online searches. These words and tags are available on the website Schema.org as shared lists. 

They are in an easy format called Microdata. 

These word and tag lists get classified in Schema.org as categories and subcategories. For example, the category Place may be further classified as landform, civic area, residence, tourist resort, local business, etc. To make your website relevant and feature on the search results, you must mark the content using these tags or microdata. You must specify the itemscope of your business clearly as with its item type, item properties etc. For instance, specify your business with “itemtype as Place” and “itemprop as TouristResort, name,URL,” etc. When you do this, your website has more chances of topping the SERPs. 

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The role of Website Schema in SERPs

SERP is the short form for Search Engine Result Page. It is the response you get when you type a query in the search engine. If you want your website to get noticed, it should be among the top 3 of the SERP. 

Search Engines use Schema tags to understand the user content and match it with the search queries. Website Schema is nothing but a collection of these Schema tags that you can use to make your website more relevant and top the SERPs.

Digital marketing agencies use Website Schema to interact with search engines. By using the right Schema Tags, they push your website to the top of the SERP.

For instance, if you add details like “offer” or “date” as item properties using schema tags, your website tends to get more easily noticed on the search results.

What are the advantages of using Website Schema?

Website Schema is not just a bunch of tags. It is worth a lot more when you see how you can use it below.

  • Get your website to stand out using Website Schema

On the SERP, you have a dozen website links. Who do you think the customer will look into? Yours, if you use Website Schema.

Yes, Website Schema makes your site stand out from the competition by adding minute details as tags.

  • Direct more relevant traffic to your page using Website Schema

By making your website more relevant using Schema tags, you are funneling your customers. You make sure that only interested customers come to your site and generate leads.

  • Use Website Schema to reduce  the bounce rate of your website 

By adding Schema tags, you are making your website more relevant. This means your website will appear quickly on top of the SERP. This time-savings makes your website more attractive to the user and prevents them from bouncing off.

If you want your website to generate more leads to your business, make it relevant by using Website Schema. Enlist an SEO expert to do the Website Schema deployment for you.