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Social Citations

Social Citations

The current World Wide Web with its Social Media, User-generated content, and Cloud computing is Web 2.0. The citations done in Web 2.0 come under Social Citations.

What are Social Citations?

Social Citations are the mentions of your business that you find in Web 2.0. In other words, if your business name or details get mentioned in social media or in sites other than your own, you can call them “social citations”

These citations appear as HTML tags or hyperlinks on social media or user-generated content. They are a direct link to your website.

What are the types of Social Citations?

Web 2.0 gives great scope for Social citations. In fact, a Social Citation Pack can offer as many as 40 links to your business. They can be in the form of

  • Tweets with links or Retweeets on Twitter
  • Hyperlink references on blogs
  • Trackbacks on blogs
  • Pingbacks on blogs
  • Social bookmarking by referencing URLs on scientific publications
  • References to podcasts, 
  • YouTube Video references
  • Slideshare References

An astute SEO expert can find innovative ways to include social citations for your business in many ways. Digital marketing agencies have their own Social Citation Pack that they offer to help you build the authority of your website.

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Why do you need Social Citations?

Social Citations are not just for ornamentation. They have a deep purpose as seen below.

  • Social citations improve the authority of your website

Like people, even businesses need to be popular. For this, your website must have several independent mentions on social media. These form social citations and they strengthen the authority of your website and your business online.

  1. Social Citations increase ranking and traffic to your website

The more mention a business gets across several websites, the higher it is ranked on Web 2.0. This ranking means that this website now tops the SERP. When this happens, your website appears as one of the quick responses to search queries. This drives more traffic to your site.

  • Social Citations enhance the credibility of your website

Customer loyalty is a must for any business and this comes only with trust. This trust comes with social citations. If your business has more mentions on social media, it gains credibility online. Even search engines regard social citations as a means of justifying the legitimacy of your business online.

Tips for creating good social citations

  1. Always use the correct spelling and capitals for all social media references.
  2. Use Hashtags and links for your citations 
  3. Try to include social citations in podcasts and YouTube videos with the help of influencers.
  4. If your citations includes an image, use the thumbnail and mention its detail in square brackets
  5. For tweets, mention the date as the content changes over time
  6. for the references in FB, use the correct page title like About, Home, Photos, Timeline, etc 
  7. For Instagram, specify clearly whether the reference is in stories, highlights, etc
  8. For LinkedIn, use the correct page title like Home, Jobs, Posts, Article, etc

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Boost Your Online Visibility

Social Citations are a must to strengthen the social standing of your business online. Get a Social Citation Pack from an SEO expert and watch your website grow stronger socially.