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Website Technical Fixing

If you want your website to rank high on the SERP,  you must optimize it. Website Optimization is not just usage of the right keywords and links. Website Technical Fixing is the main thing you have to do to optimize your website.

Why do you need Website Technical Fixing?

Every website needs to be optimized for search engines. Only then can they generate free or organic traffic from websites and make your business grow. To achieve this, you must optimize your website by fixing all its errors, mainly the technical ones. 

Technical SEO errors like broken links, duplicate URLs can prove costly as they may crash your website. Avoid these mishaps and get your website optimized with the help of an SEO expert. Do Website Technical Fixing by enlisting seasoned technical SEO professionals. This will increase the speed, performance, and ranking of your website.


Apart from this, your website needs constant updating in order to maintain its ranking and performance. Lack of updates affects the indexing of pages, search engine crawling, etc, directly. Avoid this with periodic Website Technical Fixing and maintain the performance of your website.

What is Website Technical Fixing?

The technical components of a website are the factors which decide its existence online. If any of these components fail, your website may crash. So, it is vital to get the technical issues of a website fixed at once. This process of fixing the technical errors in a website is Website Technical Fixing.

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What are the aspects of a website that need Website Technical Fixing?

The technical components of a website include tags like title tags or page titles, page headers, XML sitemaps, meta data, HTTP header responses etc. Any of these can malfunction due to errors in code, viral attacks, hacking, or even malware dysfunction. Even small details like meta data or headings can cause errors on your website. Lack of Image optimization is another common defect that arises in websites. All these technical errors affect the overall performance and ranking of your website. So, the right thing to do is to monitor your website and do Website Technical Fixing on a regular basis.

What are the errors in a website that need Website Technical Fixing?

A website may run into technical bugs or errors like these-

  • Broken Links

If your website has many pages, make sure that all the links for redirecting are working well. If there are broken links on your website, the search engine cannot crawl and the bots redirect to other sites. 

Use Website Technical Fixing to mend broken links. Ensure that all internal and external links work to maintain the crawling and authority of your website.

  • Indexing

Your website pages must be indexed in order to be recognized by the search engine. If they are not indexed, Google does not think they exist. So, site indexing is an important aspect of Website Technical Fixing.

Every time you add a new page  or content to your website, do its indexing on Google. Google then stores this information as an index and fetches your URL on getting a search query.  

You can index your site by going to the Google Search Console and typing the URL to be indexed. Request for indexing and verify this using URl inspection tool.

  • Canonical issues

Canonical issues arise in the case of duplicate content. If more than one website has the same content, Google rejects them all. To avoid this, use of canonical tags is a must. This is a part of Website Technical Fixing.

Canonical tags are also needed to group a bunch of pages with similar content. By doing this, you can prevent all of them from appearing on the SERP and competing with each other. Instead, all their authority will be redirected to another page to which they are canonicalized.

If you canonicalize a particular page to another, all external links to the first will redirect to the second page.

  • Site Map issues

A site map lists the URls in your website. If your sitemap has errors, the bots do not crawl. Common sitemap errors include URl not found, URL blocked, etc. Website Technical Fixing is a must to fix such sitemap errors as they affect the authority of your website.

  • Google Search Console issues

The Google Search Console is a tool that helps you to identify any errors in your website affecting its appearance on search results. If the google Search Console reports errors, then it means your site is not getting loaded. The common Google Search Console errors are Server Error, Redirect Error, Crawl issue, No index etc.

Get these Google Search Console Issues fixed by Website Technical Fixing and enhance the performance of your website.

Website Technical Fixing is a must to ensure the quick loading, speed  and performance of your website. Get it done by an SEO expert now.