Website Speed Improvement

A website is an important customer touch-point. So business owners spend resources on the look and feel of their website. A well-made website has a direct impact on revenue. Have you done everything right yet do not get traffic? Is your website rich in content yet has a high bounce rate? If you have already optimized your content, you should now look at the website speed. Website speed improvement can boost your conversion rates. Low website speed frustrates your customers. The penalty of not working on website speed improvement is high.

  1. High bounce rates: Your customers have an attention span of 8 to 10 seconds. They will lose interest if a website takes longer than 4 seconds to load. Also, customers today are spoiled with options. People will find a new page. Google downgrades websites with high bounce rates. 
  2. Loss of web traffic: Would you value a brand that does not respect your time? In the world of the internet, people get snappy if the page is not snappy! Website speed improvement also increases organic traffic. 
  1. Low conversions: Conversions are not always purchases. Your CTA may be signing up for emails, writing feedback, and more. Slow website speed can be off-putting. If your viewer is staring at the loading page for long, then you have lost a lead. 

Our website speed improvement and optimization services include:

Optimization for mobile sites: Google ranking considers a website’s mobile presence. So if your site has a longer load time on mobiles, Google may downgrade it. Mobile processors are not as good as ones on desktops. So optimizing websites for mobiles is a specialized task. At DigitalBull GO, we work on improving mobile SEO. We work on combining files and reducing RTRs (Round Trip Requests). 

DigitalBull GO Website Speed Improvement 1

Host recommendation and migration: The features of the web hosting company influence uptime. A slow host server slows down the website. DigitalBull GO can help you with affordable hosting plans. Additionally, we also assist in ‘host migration.”

Plugins optimization: Plugins are important for the functionality of your website. But did you know that some plugins can reduce website speed? How many plugins are too many plugins? Are you comparing WordPress plugins for best performance? Web Developers at DigitalBull GO can provide speedy optimization services for plugins. 

Compressing and caching: Image optimization is essential for website speed improvement. DigitalBull GO provides the following recommendation:

  • Check and reduce the file size before you upload an image. An expert web developer can help compress images without loss in quality.
  • Ensure you are using the correct file format. GIFs are funny; too much can reduce website speed.
  • Use plugins: Plugins for lazy loading help reduce the number of images that load at a time. 
  • Page caching is important to reduce load time. You can use both browser and server caching. Even well coded websites benefit from caching.

Testing and other recommendations: Website speed improvement involves many factors. A web developer may check for unused codes. Minimizing CSS and JavaScript files may also help in website speed improvement. Have you limited the number of HTTP(s) requests? Are you looking to optimize UX and UI? DigitalBull GO experts offer comprehensive website speed improvement packages. 

Website speed improvement is often neglected in the optimization process. But it has a direct impact on user experience.