YouTube SEO

YouTube is the second most used Search Engine. It is popular for audio-visual content. People find videos engaging and enjoyable. Viewers are thrice as likely to watch a tutorial than reading instruction manuals. So, YouTube SEO can drive traffic to your website. 

Why hire a Digital Marketing agency for YouTube SEO?

YouTube is a search engine with specific SEO practices. So, YouTube SEO is different from Google SEO. Many business owners are not familiar with YouTube SEO. Getting the hang of the YouTube algorithm is time-consuming. 

You need approximately 11 million views before the video starts trending on YouTube. YouTube has 15 million content creators and 38 million active channels. Getting viewership is competitive. But an expert in YouTube SEO can give you the competitive boost.

YouTube algorithm suggests an estimated 70% of the content.

Experts at watch the SEO practices of YouTube. We track usage trends and study the latest developments in YouTube SEO practices. 

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Writing Video Descriptions:

Video description is as important as your title. The length and quality of the description determine the ranking and engagement levels. Optimizing video descriptions means adding keywords that highlight the best in your video. A marketing agency will ensure that the description is optimized for size. It means your target keywords should appear in the first 25 words of the description. 

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We at <Example Company> optimize video descriptions. With our video keyword research services, we can help you go beyond top ranking. Keyword-rich content and descriptions can also help you feature in the suggested videos on the sidebar. 

Optimizing tagging: Are you familiar with Instagram hashtags? Well, YouTube has something similar. Your targeted keyword should be the first tag. But, tagging goes beyond keywords. Tags are a group of similar topics. YouTube tags are an excellent feature for YouTube SEO. With relevant tags, you can get views from viewers who have never heard of you before. We use LSI keywords for tagging. Using 10 to 12 tags is enough for YouTube SEO.

Optimizing thumbnails: Uploading good videos with no engagement? You might be ignoring an important factor for YouTube SEO-‘thumbnails.’ The thumbnail is the cover photo for your video. It is the picture viewers see while scrolling down. Optimizing thumbnails can increase clicks. We provide an engaging thumbnail for YouTube videos. Thumbnails describe your video in one image and impact CTR (Click through Rate).

Like any other SEO, YouTube SEO is about creating a great user experience. You may not have access to a studio for shooting content. Your video quality may not be the best. But with the right marketing agency, you can optimize content to make it engaging.