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The latest updates from Google have some great opportunities for marketers and business owners alike. From keeping up-to-date with search engine trends to utilizing new features like Google Stacking that can help you stand out in your industry; these changes are sure not to disappoint!

Google Stacks is a great way for you to make links on your site that point back into it, rather than pointing outwards. This means when someone clicks through one of these “stacked” webpages they will be taken directly where their browser needs them!

A Google Authority Stack or Google Stacking is a collection of Google products like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Maps and Google Slides containing company information, ‘stacked’ on top of one another and made public. This helps users take full advantage of the authority bestowed on their website through the stacks of the properties owned by Google.

A Google Authority Stack is also known by many other names such as Google Stack, Domain Authority Stacking, Google Marketing Stack, Technology Stack, Google Entity Stack, Google Property Stack, Google Drive Stack, Local Authority Stack, Google Site Stack, Google Asset Stack, or Google Cloud Stack, depending on the elements and entities used.

The 10+ high-authority Google assets available for Google entity stacking are great for building your brand, improving awareness, and generating credibility with Google. You can further expand the power of the stack by generating backlinks with high domain authority to it, promoting it with social signals, or transferring it to a Google Domain. Since you are using Google entities, you don’t need to worry about being penalized!

Are you a digital marketing/SEO agency or a local business in the maintenance, professional, health, or cleaning industry? Our Google Authority Stack services are ideal for you!

With Digitalbull GO, you can create a custom Google authority stacking for your agency or client accounts with 10+ Google entities covering NAPs and citations. You will also have access to backlinks from various sources as well as services that are offered on the platform-all made public so it’s easy when adopting new strategies!

Google Stacking makes Search Engine Optimization easier than it appears on the surface. With Google itself as a partner, this strategy creates properties that rank high in search engine rankings and have Domain Authority equal to or greater than 80% which can increase your site’s visibility online according to recent studies by HubSpot.com.

By utilizing the full potential of Google properties, DigitalBull GO creates a strong foundation for their business with trust and authority. By creating naked URLs that point back to your site or domain in an optimized fashion using short links on other platforms like Facebook & Pinterest as well-targeted keyword anchors from keywords related directly to what you offer; it’ll be hard not having more success than expected!

We can customize your authority stack based on whether you want local search ranking, organic ranking, or both. All the Google elements come together in a perfectly constructed Google Site. Just check out our Google Authority Stack for a long-standing locksmith client.


What is a Google Authority Stack and why do we need it for driving SEO results?


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Google has always loved Google. The company’s assets are just too good to be left un-mined, so it is important for brands and marketers alike in their efforts of getting found by search engines through quality content that they fill these gaps with compelling material which will rank high on SERPs (search engine results page). The properties that make up your website–the pages and assets you want to rank for in search engines like Google – all score 100 out of 100 on the authority scale from Google’s perspective. You can get these rankings by pushing relevant content into them with some strategy behind it, which is why they’re valuable components when building an SEO campaign.

It is important to have a strong web presence in order for your business or company’s brand identity and product/service offerings to stand out from competitors. Having an optimized Google My Business (GMB) profile and website can help drive more traffic, which will ultimately result in greater sales! Building domain authority and entity authority is a lot of work, but the rewards are worth it. These two SEO drivers will help you rank higher for certain keywords in search engines like Google if your website has great on-page optimization strategies along with best practices related to both domains and entities (i.e., company name).

You can create a branded stack of Google properties or entities by using different Google tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Sites, etc. These tools allow you to weave together various Google properties or entities into one cohesive link building campaign.

Google Entity Stack Creation Process

Your Google Stack will be built by the team at DigitalBull GO, a local SEO agency serving clients in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

DigitalBull GO will create a custom local authority stack for your local business or agency with 10+ Google entities covering your NAP, citations, backlinks, services, and social media accounts, all made public and shared with your Gmail!

Google’s algorithm has long been a mystery. But with the help of a Domain Authority Stack, your business can have more control over where it appears on search engine results pages (SERPs). We manually create these stacks using high-quality content and keyword optimization/cooccurrence as well as advanced stacking strategies for leveraging google’s own trustworthiness or “authority.” This gives you not only better rankings but also an opportunity to capitalise on their power by generating powerful link juice that enhance your site’s presence online!

Unique Elements of our Google Entity stacking process:

  • Building a Google entity stack can be done in many ways, but the first step is always to get an exact branded Gmail if possible. This ensures that every single piece within your digital marketing strategy has consistent branding and uniformity across all channels which will result in better conversions for businesses who use it!
  • The 10+ high-authority Google property assets are exactly what you need to build your brand with organic authority. These powerful properties have come to represent quality content, and all of them require well thought out strategies for success. If you want to be successful, you need to have an authoritative SEO strategy. But it’s not enough to just have any old strategy. It has to be a well-thought-out one. That’s what separates the winners from the losers.
  • All the power of these assets will only multiply when you use them in your own way. For example, building backlinks from other sites or using social signals to generate traffic can give a website an SEO boost that could put it on top!
  • Creating content for your social media feeds can be an overwhelming process. Create a strong, authoritative brand that will last years with the right content and link network! 1500-2000 words (ie. documents, slideshows or photos) of optimized posts and comments will keep followers interested in what you’re sharing, while also making up your stack to power it up.
  • The first step is to build out your different properties. You can include everything from articles you write yourself or third party contributions like photos etc., as well as social media posting daily (or weekly) integrating hashtags into all posts along with topical areas relevant to traffic/ranking factors so we’re pushing things forward effectively.
  • Once completed, our team will share complete ownership of the GStack with you and you are free to make any changes and do with it as you please.

Order Your Google Stack

Get One Google Stack
$ 149 One-Time
  • One Google Authority Stack
  • 10+ Google Entities
  • Custom Gmail
  • TAT - 6 Working Days
  • 2 Revisions Allowed

All we require from you to build the Google Stack is the following:

  •  At least 5 geotagged photos
  • Link to your Google My Business/website
  • Client Google email (Gmail) to share the Domain Authority stack with the client

 We do not require the login and password details for the email, just the Google email (Gmail) linked to the client GMB.

We will hand over full access to your Gmail once we have completed the work.

It’s time to maximize your Google properties! Order your Google Authority Stack now or schedule a free consultation for more information.

 Order Your Google Stack

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The stack is worth just $130 USD in credits when you order any of our SEO packages!

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