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Google Sentiment Analysis Service

Gone are the days when a good SEO could jump-start your website ranking and enhance your conversions. Perfectly done on-page SEO with keyword rich content and internal links, getting authority links and building brand authority would often be enough to rank on Google. Even if you add a list of relevant keywords and long tails using tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, POP or Surfer, it may not be enough. 

Can using good SEO techniques alone can make the website stay on top of the Google Search? In days of yore, yes. But this is not so now with the advanced Google Algorithms. What matters now is -“Does the website answer the search intent in the right way?” If it does, your website has an above-average chance of ranking at the top of SERP. 

You need to do a lot more to optimize your page. This requires some keen insights into customer behavior. NLP is the answer and Google’s NLP API Tool is one of the foremost in the market with thousands of Google Engineers working hard to decipher user intent. 

How hot is  our Google NLP Content Optimization Services?

We are getting a lot more content optimization projects these days as companies focus on optimizing their home page and other inner pages and seemingly have a decent budget to spend on this.

Optimizing home page content for sentiment is one of our newer optimization offerings. You can see the Google NLP API ‘before’ and ‘after’ results of the latest work we did in the image on the right. We have blurred the content as it is client specific and their IP.

It took some time for us to get the hang of speeding up the process and it requires a good number of iterations before getting most of it right. Google NLP adopts a top-down approach to entity extraction and it still does not recognize a good number of entities.

The aim is to get to an overall score of 0.7 and above or at the least increase by a minimum of 0.3 the existing Google sentiment score. For example, if your existing score is 0.1, we promise to increase it to 0.4.

To achieve this, our approach is:

a. Improving the salience
b. Neutering the negative sentiment &
c. Fragmenting long sentences

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How does NLP Content Optimization further your SEO?

Google NLP optimization helps you find the right keywords for your blog post, landing page or FAQ. To do this, one must first add your existing content and analyze it on the Google NLP tool and make smart changes based on the feedback from the tool. 


Google NLP optimization analyzes the sentiment in your content. It color codes the sentences based on their emotion; green is positive, red is negative and grey is neutral or common. Choose green sentences and rewrite the red and yellow ones to perfect your content. By doing this, one can change the negative and neutral sentiment to a positive one.

Look beyond the keywords. Type your content and observe the entity relationships. Google NLP optimization helps you match your content to answer the search intent.

Google NLP Optimization
Optimize Content for NLP & Sentiment
$ 399 One-Time Fee
  • Google NLP Optimization
  • NLP Sentiment Expert Will Optimize 2000 Words
  • +0.3 Positive Sentiment Increase Guaranteed!
  • Improve Conversions on Your Website!
  • Optimize Page & Post Content for Google NLP!
  • Send Your URL, MS Word, or Google Document
  • Confirmed Delivery Within 7 Working Days
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