Local SEO Audit Tool & GMB Audit Tool

Local SEO Audit Tool

White Label Local SEO Audit Tool for Map Pack Ranking.

Google offers marketing assistance and insights to local businesses as part of its Google Business Profile also referred to as Google My Business, GMB or GBP This can be in the form of reviews, offers, posts, Q&A, photos, and appointment bookings, products and services. and the ability for users to call, message, visit websites or drive to the store or clinic using Google Maps.

Keeping the Google My Business or GBP profile updated is critical for small business owners to be in close touch with their local community and to enhance their brand visibility on search engines through high search rankings. Stores and local service providers like plumbers, locksmiths, painters, and dentists need a comprehensive local SEO audit to understand whether users can easily locate them online and use their services and what strategies can help gain higher visibility and keyword rankings in the Map Pack searches. An SEO audit is like a doctor’s diagnosis pointing out gaps and areas where competitors of the service provider being audited are doing well.

DigitalBull GO audit helps you get the organic traffic, foot traffic and search-driven local leads your business deserves by optimizing your Google Business Profile listing and revamping your website linked to the Google Maps Profile. The Google Business Profile audit makes it easy to address any issues with your Google My Business Page. By answering some quick questions, you can find out what needs improving and get on the right path to success!

 If you are looking for an alternative to the automated audit and need an expert overview, then the DigitalBull GO audit is for you. It is performed using one of the world’s leading white label SEO Tools!

  • We work directly with storefronts and service-area businesses (SAB) in most niches in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.
  • We also provide white-label SEO services to agencies working in the maintenance, healthcare, cleaning, legal, general contractor, and other areas.

 If you are an agency requiring 100 or more audits, please get in touch with us today for a free trial or a paid trial.

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SEO Audit

Our White Label SEO Audit includes GBP, Website & Brand Audits.

DigitalBull GO World's #1 Local SEO Audit Tool 2
DigitalBull GO World's #1 Local SEO Audit Tool 3

The White Label SEO Audit using the DigitalBull GO Audit Tool identifies the key areas for improvement in the client’s website, brand, and GBP. Our local SEO audit tries to build actionable insights derived from the GBP Audit, Website Audit, and Brand Authority Audit Report. We undertake in-depth SEO Site audits, Google Mobile-friendly tests, link analysis, competitive analysis, and SEO ranking factor checks.

Expert audit software tools like DigitalBull GO are developed by experienced SEO Consultants and are usually based on Google algorithms and a local SEO score is calculated. This score helps identify the optimization gaps and customers can then use this data to improve the business profile. 

Potential customers then receive a White Label SEO Report with your Google Business Profile Audit Score, Website Audit Score, Brand Authority Audit Score, and overall Local SEO Audit Score and optionally a project plan for the entire optimization process. We differ from other local SEO tools like Moz Local or Bright Local or Chrome Extensions like GMB Crush as the entire SEO strategy as part of the overall digital marketing strategy can be derived from our White Label SEO Software Audit. Check all the audit features below:

GBP Audit

Our team will conduct a comprehensive audit of your GMB profile and map listing to identify weak points, duplicate listings, and improve the quality/popularity rankings for certain categories on Google Maps Pack.

GBP One Time Audit

Google My Business and GBP elements are audited here. We look at your business name, address, phone number as well as any other information that may be included in the Business profile such as URLs, categories, products, services, service areas, or business description!

GBP Marketing Audit

Marketing elements of the Google My Business or GBP including posts, negative or positive reviews, photos, and questions and answers are analyzed by our SEO tool here.

Website Audit

A detailed white label SEO audit of your website with special emphasis on the homepage, competitor analysis and critical pages like service and location pages.

Website Technical Audit

Speed, schema, site structure, sitemap, security, and Google Search Console issues are some technical components analyzed in this white label SEO audit using data from Google Core Web Vitals developed by Google Lighthouse, Web Page Speed and GT Metrix.

Website On-Page Audit

The on-page ranking factors our SEO tool analyzes comprise the title, meta description, headings, links, and image alt attributes. We also use information from online tools such as SERanking, Thruuu, Browseo and Ahrefs, for this audit.

Website Content Audit

Through the content audit, our tool assesses the quality of the text, images, videos, embeds, and other website content. We also use several leading content evaluation, writing and optimization tools including Google NLP, Frase and Market Muse.

Brand Audit

An in-depth audit of your online presence in the local service niches and social channels is done to evaluate brand recognition and strength.

Brand Checklist

Within the brand authority audit, our software tool measures the performance of citations, backlinks, social, and site authority.

"Will this local SEO audit guarantee a place at the top? No. However, it will give a good boost to your local business and website. This audit might be the difference between dropping out and remaining in the race for the top positions on the local results."
Srinath Rangaswamy - CEO of Opteamize Cloud Solutions and Head of Local SEO Strategy at DigitalBull GO
Srinath Rangaswamy
Founder & CEO, Opteamize

GMB Audit Tool

World's 1st GMB Audit Tool Mirroring Google Ranking Algorithms.

The DigitalBull GO Google My Business Profile or GMB Audit Tool not only understands but also mirrors Google’s algorithm. The Google audit tool will tell you what changes need to be made in your Google account so that it can rank higher on search engines with better organic reach. Get clear guidelines for making these needed adjustments, and work locally first before applying any of the advice found here across all platforms including Facebook or Google Ad campaigns – this way there won’t ever again be any question about whether an investment in the SEO package was worthwhile because now you know exactly where your money went!

Your agency can audit and optimize the Google Business Profile for your clients to boost visibility online. This audit report provides a useful list of optimization strategies that you could implement, making it easier than ever before! With these tips at hand, your company will be able to deliver value while building trust–and start generating revenue today. The Audit & Optimization Software Tool for your Agency customers’ GMBs Is now available with a completely new updated UI of the DigitalBull GO tool!

Improve your client’s online presence with our comprehensive Google My Business list and optimization project plan. This includes a step-by-step guide on how to improve their map or organic search engine ranking, which will likely lead more prospects straight towards the door! Google My Business is a great way to get your business out there online, but it’s not enough. If you want people searching for local businesses like yours or those of their clients to find yours among the others then make sure that when they do find and visit this listing on GMB – all aspects must be taken into consideration! A comprehensive GMB Audit checklist will ensure visibility + drive more foot traffic Implementing the new checklist is an easy and painless process. You can immediately start seeing improvements in your search rankings, which will greatly increase traffic to your website!

DigitalBull GO offers the most useful Local 3-pack ranking factor insights. Outrank your competition with exclusive GMB data for local SEO and get started now on visibility in Google and generate more income from an optimized business profile!

We have iterated, reiterated, and improved: This helpful white label local SEO audit tool was initially developed as a mechanism and checklist for our in-house clients. On popular demand, in-depth study of brand factors, we have a comprehensive audit tool for you and your clients. Now, you can get the ultimate local SEO audit along with any of our SEO plans.

100% Optimization for GMB, website, and brand: We look at factors that affect proximity, relevance, and prominence to improve map ranks.

Objective answers to facilitate DIY audit: Have you been seeking to answer the question ‘How good is my GMB local business listing?’ We have it simplified into objective questions. Our analysis is based on a thorough manual review of key local search and local ranking factors.

Google Algorithm Correlation: Our unique algorithm that identifies and audits factors affecting map pack rankings, mirrors Google’s Organic and Map Ranking algorithm. Our algorithm update matches Google’s updates within a short lag of time.

DigitalBull GO World's #1 Local SEO Audit Tool 4
DigitalBull GO World's #1 Local SEO Audit Tool 5

We all know that good, quality content is key to ranking high on Google. But what if we told you there was a way for your business or agency’s website and its pages – from GMB or blog posts through social media updates- could be optimized with data-driven decisions in order to increase traffic? This means using insights gained through research into Google map-pack best practices will give you an edge when competing locally and well beyond your local areas as well! Let us show you how this works. Now crush your competition. Get your free trial of the white label local SEO audit tool today!

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