Comprehensive Local SEO Audit in Under an Hour!

DigitalBull GO is a professional white-label SEO company primarily serving agencies and local businesses in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. As part of our SEO services, we offer local SEO audits for clients.

Our comprehensive 100-point Local Search Engine Optimization Audit identifies your weak areas and gives you recommendations for improvement in under an hour. In just 3 simple steps, you can utilize this audit to rank on local results for search engines like Google and Bing.

1. The DigitalBull GO Audit tool helps you analyze 100+ relevance, distance, and prominence factors related to your Google business listing, website, and brand impacting local results, providing a score for each element.

2. Your local SEO score averages the 3 optimization scores and gives you a score from 1 to 100 with 100 being the highest.

3. Using the audit recommendations, you can resolve gaps using smart SEO techniques to get higher search rankings!

5 Reasons to Use the DigitalBull GO Local SEO Audit

Our Local SEO Expert Srinath Rangaswamy has 5 guiding principles anchoring the design of the DigitalBull GO Local SEO Audit Tool for local results:

1. Detailed High-Quality Audit

DigitalBull GO has improved the quality of the 100+ local SEO audit factors and recommendations. Compare our factors with any manual online audits and the differences are palpable!

2. Check How Google Determines Local Rankings

To rank high on the local SERPs, maximize the optimization possibilities related to relevance, distance, and prominence. Your local SEO results will improve based on how well-optimized your websites, business listings, and brands are.

3. Local SEO Services Expertise

This SEO audit checklist of 100+ factors is the result of years of experience and hundreds of audits performed. Our local SEO team used the lessons learned to build this tool. Our tool is not final as we fine-tune and provide regular updates to it.

4. Objectivity

Our local SEO audit tool development team has taken a subjective question such as “How well have I optimized my local business visibility?” and offered an objective solution with the DigitalBull GO Audit Score.

5. Answers “Why am I not ranking?”

The DigitalBull GO Local SEO audit identifies why your businesses and websites are not ranking high on the Google local organic and map results. You get recommendations to improve your local rankings.

DigitalBull GO Local SEO Audit 1

What Does the Local SEO Audit Comprise?

The DigitalBull GO Local SEO Audit is a combination of 6 separate audits. This comprehensive 6-in-1 audit will determine poorly optimized areas. The 6 audits are as follows:

GMB One-Time Optimization Audit

GMB Marketing Audit

Website Technical Audit

Website On-Page Audit

Website Content Audit

Brand Audit

Digital marketing companies managing multiple listings can use the audit to formulate an SEO strategy for their clients. This audit enables you to get a leg up on the competition by giving you tips to improve your Google business listing, website, and brand.

Optimize your business as per our audit recommendations and you are sure to see an increase in rankings, leads, phone calls, and organic traffic!

What is the Local SEO Audit Score?

Marketers and local business owners, get your Local SEO Score and identify ranking shortfalls with DigitalBull GO!

DBG Local SEO Audit Tool Local SEO Dashboard

Local SEO Audit Score

You receive a Local SEO Audit Score revealing optimization progress and performance. This percentage pinpoints weak spots and identifies focus areas to improve Google rankings for your location.

100+ Ranking Factors

This is a thoroughly comprehensive local SEO audit of 100+ ranking factors such as content, keywords, posts, online reviews, load time, schema, user experience, and links. These minor and major factors all affect where you rank on the local search results!

Google Algorithm Correlation

Our audit mirrors the Google ranking algorithm. We have devised a unique DigitalBull GO Parent and Child Algo for all minor and major factors affecting the Google search rankings.

Fast Audit. Faster Results.

No need to wait thanks to our quick local SEO audit. Our professionals take less than half an hour to perform the audit and figure out the areas you’re trailing in.

Customized Audit to Rank

This is not a generic one-size-fits-all local SEO audit for all businesses. We customize the local search audit to you or your client’s business. This tailor-made analysis identifies mistakes and drives our optimization process. Your rankings on search engines will rise upon improving the weak areas.

DBG Local SEO Audit Tool Local SEO Dashboard

You receive a Google My Business Audit Score, Website Audit Score, Brand Authority Audit Score, and overall Local SEO Audit Score as a percentage that will reveal your current optimization progress and performance so you know where to focus on to improve your rankings.

This is a thoroughly comprehensive audit of 24 factors and over 120 ranking subfactors covering your GMB, Website, and Brand Authority, all if which impact where you rank on the map and local search results!

Our audit mirrors Google’s Organic and Map Ranking Algorithm with our own unique and specially developed DigitalBull GO Parent and Child Algo for all the factors affecting the map rankings.

This is a local SEO audit that is customized for you or your client’s business. This audit further drives the optimization process and identifies weak areas. Once the weak areas are improved, so will your map and local organic rankings.

It takes fewer than 30 minutes for our team to finish the audit and find out specifically what areas you’re lagging behind in.

"I challenge you to find a more detailed expert local SEO audit for improving your Google rankings!"
Srinath Rangaswamy - CEO of Opteamize Cloud Solutions and Head of Local SEO Strategy at DigitalBull GO
Srinath Rangaswamy
Founder & CEO, Opteamize

Local SEO Audit Process and Local SEO Audit Recommendations

We include an action-oriented local SEO audit in local our SEO optimization plans!

The DigitalBull GO Local SEO Audit drives optimization results for all our clients who desire high map-pack ranking results. We include the local SEO audit with all our SEO plans.

Our professionals perform the comprehensive audit, compare you against the top 3 competitors, and offer optimization recommendations to optimize your business listing, improve your website, and boost your brand authority!

These are the steps our agency follows for every audit:

  1. Confirm accuracy of the location of the business listing, website URL, competitor list, and target local search terms.
  2. For enhancing local SEO authority signals, we focus our audit on Google business listing, local brand visibility signals, and citations on sites like Yelp and Foursquare.
  3. For local organic audits, the team spends more time on the website factors like load speed, structure, type of content, and quality links. We also look at nationwide brand visibility factors such as social signals and social media presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as backlinks and inbound links.
  4. Upon audit completion, we share the results with you so you can discuss the optimization recommendations with our Local SEO Expert!

To rank, you must target the right locations and search queries. The local search audit helps identify your strengths and weaknesses in “near me” or service + city search queries on Google. You know where you’ve gone wrong and can work to rectify the mistakes.

The DigitalBull GO Local SEO audit has enabled us to rank even the toughest niches in competitive locations.

Get the ultimate local SEO audit vs. your top 3 competitors when you purchase our local SEO optimization plan. Attract more visitors to your website through both desktop and mobile search.

Our audit is ideal for digital marketing agencies, SEO companies, and small businesses. Order our SEO packages today and we will do the complete audit, send recommendations for improvement, optimize your business, and rank you at the top positions! 

"Will this local SEO audit guarantee a place at the top? No. However, it will give a good boost to your local business and website. This audit might be the difference between dropping out and remaining in the race for the top positions on the local results."
Srinath Rangaswamy - CEO of Opteamize Cloud Solutions and Head of Local SEO Strategy at DigitalBull GO
Srinath Rangaswamy
Founder & CEO, Opteamize
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