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Local SEO Audit Tool

Are you using a local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit tool? If yes, then good.But are you using a comprehensive tool that allows for a DIY audit?Does your tool audit 100+ factors in less than 30 minutes?If yes, then congratulations, you are already familiar with DigitalBull GO-the world’s most comprehensive local SEO audit tool.

In the bygone days, when the internet had only a few websites, navigating through these websites was not a challenge. By the time Google and other prominent search engines came into existence, there were more than two million websites on the internet. As of today, the internet has over a billion websites. Thus, optimizing a business’s online presence helps attract relevant customers from local searches. When done correctly, Local SEO facilitates a targeted search that brings businesses and customers closer to a transaction.

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Check out a comprehensive local SEO audit that our team has performed for 100+ GMB, Website, and Brand ranking factors. 

Local SEO Audit

Why Digital Bull Go Audit?

An audit is like a diagnosis. It should be able to identify the areas that you are doing well and point out gaps and areas where your competitors are doing better. Google offers a variety of services like Google My Business, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Reviews, and Directions, messaging, and calls. The importance of Google My business to the local businesses is plenty. It increases their organic traffic naturally. Google and other major search engines keep updating their algorithm to keep up with the complexity of digital marketing strategies. You need a comprehensive local SEO audit tool to understand where you stand in the competition and what strategies can help you gain visibility in the map pack searches. Google My Business, your website, citations, and any other elements that contribute to building your brand are analyzed along with your competitor based on business location.

Why an Audit?

DigitalBull GO is a professional SEO agency providing Google My Business and local SEO audit services primarily to local businesses and other digital marketing or SEO agencies in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. DigitalBull Go not only understands but also mirrors Google’s algorithm.

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Digital Bull GO Local SEO Tool

DIgital Bull GO Local SEO Audit tool identifies the key areas for improvement in the client’s website, Brand, and GMB. Our Audit comprises of GMB Audit Tool, Website Audit Tool; and Brand Authority Audit Tool. Thus we differ from other local SEO tools.

GMB Audit Tool

Comprehensive audit of your Google My Business profile and map listing to identify weak points and improve map rankings.

Website Audit Tool

Detailed audit of your website with special emphasis on the homepage and critical pages like service and location pages.

Brand Optimization Audit

In-depth audit of your online presence on local, niche, and social channels to evaluate brand recognition and strength.

GMB One Time Optimization Audit

One-time GMB elements such as NAP, categories, URL, products, services, business.site, and description are audited here.

GMB Marketing Optimization Audit

Marketing elements of the GMB including posts, reviews, photos, and questions and answers are analyzed by our tool here.

Brand Authority Audit Tool

Within the brand authority audit, our tool measures the performance of citations, backlinks, social, and site authority.

Website Technical Optimization Audit

Speed, schema, site structure, sitemap, security, and Search Console issues are some technical components analyzed here.

Website On-Page Optimization Audit

The on-page ranking factors our tool analyzes comprises titles, descriptions, headings, links, and image alt attributes.

Website Content Optimization Audit

Through the content audit, our tool assesses the quality of the text, images, videos, embeds, and other website content.

"Will this local SEO audit guarantee a place at the top? No. However, it will give a good boost to your local business and website. This audit might be the difference between dropping out and remaining in the race for the top positions on the local results."
Srinath Rangaswamy - CEO of Opteamize Cloud Solutions and Head of Local SEO Strategy at DigitalBull GO
Srinath Rangaswamy
Founder & CEO, Opteamize

DigitalBull GO Business Strategy

DigitalBull GO gets the results your business deserves by optimizing your Google My Business listing (GMB), revamping your website linked to the GMB, and leveraging your local brand identity. Keyword stuffing for increasing the ranking factor is not our business category. We perform SEO Site audit, Google Mobile-friendly test, link analysis, competitive analysis, and SEO ranking factors. Our reports are concluded through manual action by our SEO success Network.

What is offered with the Digital Bull Go Local SEO Audit tool?

The Local SEO Audit Dashboard shows visualizations of your GMB Audit Score, Website Score, Off-Page Audit Score, and overall Local SEO Audit Score, mapped to Google’s ranking algorithm.

Audit your GMB Listing for Google’s positive reviews and negative reviews, Photos, Q&A, Posts, and more.

Audit your website for speed, UX, content, schema, and overall SEO.

Analyze your off-page SEO performance (backlinks and citations).

View additional tips and tricks to improve your rankings.

Find out how important the 24 factors affecting your rankings are

Unique features of DigitalBull GO Local SEO Audit:

  • We have iterated, reiterated, and improved: This helpful Local SEO tool was initially developed as a mechanism and checklist for our in-house clients. On popular demand, in-depth study of brand factors, we have a comprehensive audit tool for you and your clients. Now, you can get the ultimate local SEO audit along with any of our SEO plans.
  • 100% Optimization for GMB, website, and brand: We look at factors that affect proximity, relevance, and prominence to improve map ranks.

Objective answers to facilitate DIY audit: Have you been seeking to answer the question ‘How good is my GMB local business listing?’ We have it simplified into objective questions. Our analysis is based on a thorough manual review of key local search and local ranking factors.

Snapshot of our objective questions for a comprehensive GMB Audit

  • Google Algorithm Correlation: Our unique algorithm that identifies and audits factors affecting map pack rankings, mirrors Google’s Organic and Map Ranking algorithm. Our algorithm update matches Google’s update.
  • Local SEO Audit Score: You receive a Google My Business Audit Score, Website Audit Score, Brand Authority Audit Score, and overall Local SEO Audit Score.

The Audit score serves a two-fold purpose:

  • Understanding where you stand in the map pack results
  • Knowing where to focus on for improving and optimizing for reachability.

“It is not about pinpointing where you lag but helping you improve continuously”

Snapshot of our Dashboard

  • Comprehensive analysis of factors: Impact assessment using 100+ factors covering your GMB, Website, and Brand Authority to understand the impact on a map and local SERP makes us the most comprehensive local SEO Audit tool.

    Our 10 key factors of our Local SEO Audit are:

  • NAP Consistency
  • Reviews and replies
  • Citations and backlinks
  • Photos and videos
  • Google posts
  • Homepage Content
  • Google custom maps
  • City pages
  • Keywords/category
  • Website authority
  • Fast Audit, Fast Results, Detailed Insights: The ease of use of the tool and the expertise of our team ensures that a complete local SEO Audit, along with insights and gap analysis can be completed in less than 30 minutes. It is a DIY tool, and our clients get login access. Our white label local SEO audit services have proven to be a big hit, especially among digital marketing agencies.
  • Audit to Rank: The Audit identifies lacunae in your local SEO and GMB listings. Our audit aims to improve your map pack and local organic ranking. Strategizing and implementing the insights from the Audit tool will result in improved scores as well as ranking. For local, we focus on GMB and brand authority, whereas for organic and e-commerce, the focus is on the website and brand authority. Our team of professionals can perform the comprehensive audit for you while comparing you against the top 3 on the Map Pack and offering recommendations for optimizing your Google My Business listing, improving your website, and boosting your brand authority!
  • Completely DIY: This is a 100% do-it-yourself local SEO audit that is customized for your/your client’s business.

Who and how you can benefit from DigitalBull GO

  • We work directly with storefronts and service-area businesses (SAB)
  • We have provided White Label SEO services to local businesses and professions in maintenance, healthcare, cleaning, and more areas.
  • SEO reseller clients
DigitalBull GO Local SEO Audit 4

Brand Authority Audit Tool

Brand Authority Citation Audit, Brand Authority Site Audit, Brand Authority Backlinks Audit, and other factors related to brand are analyzed under this category.

Brand Optimization Audit

Brand image is the reflection of how users feel about the website. Brand Optimization helps to recognize your brand. We perform Brand Optimization analysis and check for your brand presence in industry sites, blogs, forums, local business sites, Social media platforms, search visibility, and more. These inbound methodologies increase SEO and create strong brand recognition.

DigitalBull GO Local SEO Audit 5

Automated vs Expert Local SEO Audit

Automated local SEO audits are performed by many websites for free and may deliver results with little accuracy. Most of these audits are basic cookie-cutter audits performed by a machine or script.

In contrast, our customized Local SEO audit is performed by SEO experts and the manual intervention improves the accuracy level. Our tool is based on Google structured data testing tool with a business dashboard, competition analysis, and has basic plan, enterprise plan, and individual user plan with valuable insight for organic listing.

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