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“You have taken the core of Surfer app and POP and made it available for GMB. Love it. Very well done.”
– S. Pollard, Australia

DigitalBull GO: Analyze. Optimize. Rank.

Listing Analysis
Website Analysis
Off-Page Analysis

View this Google My Business Analyzer demo to see our GMB audit tool in action!

Analyze your or your client’s Google My Business and pinpoint areas for improvement with the Google My Business Analyzer feature of our DigitalBull GO platform.

DigitalBull GO: Analyze. Optimize. Rank.

White-Label GMB Audit Done For You By Our Team

DigitalBull GO offers direct and white-label GMB audit services done for you by our team with the help of our GMB Analyzer tool.

There are three important components to your local SEO and Map Pack ranking: 

  1. Website
  2. GMB Listing
  3. Off-Page

The first step is to identify where you are lagging behind your competitors and working to improve it. Knowing is half the battle, as the saying goes.

Our analysis is performed using our trusted DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer. We compare you with your competitors to judge your standing, lending context to your GMB performance. For every Google My Business Analysis we do, the DigitalBull team reviews these aspects of your company’s online presence.

You can provide incredible value to your client with an audit using DigitalBull GO, the world’s most comprehensive GMB audit tool!

Since real estate at the top of the Map Pack is so sought after, clients are always looking to dislodging the ones perched on top.

The GMB Analyzer is powered by our dynamic Expert System Algo, developed by our own local SEO experts. The Analyzer insights are used by our optimization experts to prioritize the SEO tasks and get you to rank faster!

DigitalBull GO compares you or your client’s listing vs. the top 3 competitors, triggering the competitive instincts.

Courtesy of DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of either you or your client’s GMB, along with recommendations on how to rectify these areas.

The GMB Audit can either be done for your own listing (direct) or as a white-label service for the Google My Business of a client that you manage. We also offer side-by-side comparisons with the top 3 competitors.

The audit will help pinpoint gaps and initiate actions to get you to the top of the Map Pack!

Here are some of the 120+ factors that we analyze: 

  • Consistency in NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)
  • Reviews and Replies
  • Citations – Both Listed and Claimed
  • Photos and Videos
  • Schema
  • Google Posts
  • Google Custom Maps
  • City Pages and Service Pages
  • Keywords and Categories
  • Website Issues
DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer Dashboard

The DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer was designed to answer one question on everyone’s minds:

Why am I not ranking?

Utilize GMB Analyzer and get the answer to this million dollar question!

DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer Audit View

How GMB Analyzer Works

With our DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer, we analyze a total of 24 factors (a total of 120+ subfactors) relating to your Website, Off-Page, and Google My Business that impact your Map Pack ranking. We then judge your performance against that of your competitors.

Compare your website, listing, and off-page against the top 3 of the Map Pack with DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer.

Our GMB Analyzer feature has the following modules under the ‘GMB Analyzer’ feature:

  • Setup
  • Audit (Listing, Site, Off-Page)
  • Results

Setup – Add and manage URLs, business title, keywords, NAP details, and more on listings for yourself and your competitors.

Audit – We perform a GMB audit of the Listing, Website, and Off-Page of you and the Map Pack based on 24 factors and 120+ subfactors. 

Listing Analysis – We audit your GMB Listing for Google Reviews, Photos, Q&A, Posts, Citations, and more to judge yourself against competitors. There are 12 factors in total here (60+ subfactors).

Website Analysis – We audit your website for speed, UX, content, on-page, and overall SEO, along with an audit of your competitor’s sites. Our website analysis covers a total of 10 factors (50+ subfactors).

Off-Page Analysis – We audit your off-page SEO based on major factors like citations, backlinks, social signals, and how you compare to the competition. This analysis is done for 2 off-page factors (10+ subfactors).

Insights – The Results module displays a colorful visualization of where you stand compared to your competitors. This visual representation is displayed after our Expert System analyzes the data entered in our GMB Audit. 

In this manner, we perform a thorough and comprehensive analysis covering a variety of subfactors. These subfactors include information such as reviews, content, speed, citations, custom maps, UX, photos, etc.

Remember that our GMB Analyzer gathers and presents data. It is up to you to decide how to use it.

DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer Results

We Challenge You to Find a More Comprehensive Manual Analysis!

Our view is that GMB is all about the numbers. It’s all math. What we have done is taken a subjective question such as “How good is my GMB Listing?” and offered an objective answer.

Our analysis is based on a thorough manual review of key GMB factors. Compare our GMB audit with any manual online audit and the difference will be as clear as day!

DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer – The POP & Cora for GMB!

You may have heard of website on-page optimization tools such as Page Optimizer Pro (POP), Cora, and Surfer SEO. Our DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer is like the POP and Cora for GMB in that we judge you against the Map Pack (top 3 map results) to see where you are compared to the best.

Using DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer, we perform a complete and thorough competitive GMB audit of 120+ factors in your GMB Listing, Website, and Off-Page that affect your ranking.

After we enter the data for the competitive analysis into the GMB Analyzer, our GMB Engine uses our Expert System Algorithm to crunch the numbers in the back end.

Our GMB Analyzer then showcases a visualization of where you currently stand versus your competitors. The results of the GMB audit help to identify your strengths and weaknesses against competitors of similar stature. 

Our analysis can also help companies prospecting potential GMB clients.

Are you on the lookout for new GMBs or checking areas where you can offer your services? Then the Analyzer report from DigitalBull GO is a must. Our GMB Analyzer will be of great help to agencies prospecting new listings. 

Locate potential clients by using the expert recommended method of reviewing the 7th to 10th positions on the Map Pack and targeting them by offering your services to help them improve.

Thanks to our GMB audit, you can find out the level of difficulty for ranking in those cities and plan your strategy accordingly. You can even share the Analyzer report with the prospective client!

We have the perfect recipe if your GMB is stuck and just not budging and getting into the Top 3. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get a GMB Analyzer license and compare your listing versus the top 3 Map listings.
  2. Now, find out your strengths and weaknesses and start working to optimize your listing.

Will this guarantee a top 3 place? No, but it will give you an inkling of what needs to be fixed and give you fresh ideas to rejuvenate your listing.

The next step is to look at the data, work towards improving your weak points, and maintaining your strengths to boost your Map Pack rankings and get a place at the table of the top 3. This is where our white-label GMB optimization services can assist you.  

If you opt for Optimization, not only will you get an audit, but you will also receive a custom handcrafted action-oriented GMB Analysis & Recommendations Report prepared by our team of GMB SEO Executives. This report suggests further actions to be taken to improve your Google My Business.

Our DigitalBull GO Google My Business Analyzer was designed to help you or your client identify why they aren’t on top of the Map Pack. This is a one-time direct/white-label GMB audit that we perform during the first week of the project and before the optimization begins. Once we implement the suggestions and fixes based on and according to our analysis, you are sure to see a change!

DigitalBull GO: Analyze. Optimize. Rank.

GMB Analyzer FAQ

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that we have received from people who have tested our GMB Analyzer software.

DigitalBull GO Google My Business Analyzer is mainly made for white-label companies looking to find out how to improve the rankings of their clients. They are the intended targets. However, it can be used by the end-client as well.

Our feature helps by converting a subjective into an objective and showing them where they can improve.

The GMB Analyzer is one of the 2 main features of the power-packed DigitalBull GO platform.

It provides a visual comparison of your listing vs the top 3 individually and collectively, enabling you to picture your listing vs the top 3 listings.

Further, upon clicking on the support link, it opens up to our Expert System with curated recommendations and techniques from DigitalBull GO team members and top Local SEO Experts.

You will get a tool- no, a toolset that ensures that you have left no stone unturned in order to find out where to improve your website, maps, GMB, and citations in order to rank higher in the Map Pack. 

DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer enables you to identify where you’re doing well and lagging behind through a mix of information, checklists, and benchmarking against the leaders.

In one word, yes. We are working on the UI now. Do note that the points system may not equate to the exact rankings. However, it can act as a marker at various stages of a project.

As of now, we offer a colorful graphic visualization. The main Dashboard displays how your GMB matches up collectively against those who are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd on the Map Pack (Rank 1, 2, & 3), along with how you compare to Rank 1.

If you click on the GMB Analyze module and go to ‘Insights’, you can check yourself against the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd competitors on the Map Pack (Rank 1, 2, and 3).

This is the first subfactor under the ‘Maps’ tab.

There are several Google Custom Map options that help in the GMB Map Pack ranking. We review the custom maps you have created against those 4-5 custom map types based on relevance to niche.

Ex: Service Area, Directions from nearby landmarks, etc.

‘Citations’ are one of the factors in our Listing Analysis. 

Analyzing each and every citation is tedious and time-consuming. Some citations have little to no impact on rankings. We propose to deal with it in a different fashion as the traditional citation process can delay the analysis results and is extremely confusing to a newcomer in GMB.

We are in the process of building the DigitalBull Top 100 citation list for each niche & area/state which will allow us to compare existing citations against this top 100 list.

Till such time our Top 100 citation list is ready, we will be comparing the citations using our citation partners and further validating the top citations through Google.

Yes. Google is always making new changes to its algorithm and we need to keep pace to provide an accurate representation of the factors that play a role in Map Pack ranking.

We currently plan to update our GMB Analyzer on a monthly basis. These may be changes in text, UI/UX, tools, analysis factors, our Expert System algorithm, etc. Users will be notified if and when any change occurs.

No tool can be perfect, especially one that seeks to get into the innards of the Google Algo for Maps.

Our own algorithm, DigitalBull Expert System, is an ambitious attempt at deciphering the known factors that impact the map rankings. 

Our GMB Analyzer takes a look at the data and presents the numbers in the manner of a colorful visual that is appealing to novices and experts alike. We are confident that you will get the information needed to make the right changes to your Site, Maps, and Listing?

You get data, but this data is also presented alongside that of your competitors, which lends it more context. You will be able to identify your weaknesses, as well as competitor weaknesses that you can exploit. Overall, this is a great way to find out why you’re not ranking on the top 3 of the Map Pack when others are.

Whether you are a first-timer who is planning to get into the Map ranking or a guru in search of another tool to add to your kit, we guarantee that you will get something out of GMB Analyzer in DigitalBull GO.

We are offering a free GMB Analyzer audit for every listing that opts for our GMB Optimizer services. You can check out our pricing plans below. We can also offer a special quote for GMB Analyzer if you want us to audit a minimum of 5 GMBs.

For more, schedule your free consultation with our GMB Expert.

Buy Optimizer, Get Analyzer Free!

We no longer sell individual GMB Analyzer audits. However, if you have a bulk order requirement for a minimum of 5 GMB audits, our pricing is as follows:

  • 5 audits for $199
  • 10 audits for $299 

You can also get a listing, website, and off-page audit via our GMB Analyzer at no extra cost when you avail our complete DigitalBull GO services, a $149 value, absolutely free!

    • Bulletproof: 2-Month Plan
    • $800Per GMB
    • Competitive Map Pack Audit Worth $149
    • ****GMB Tasks****
    • Create GMB Posts (Monthly 4)
    • Geo-Optimize & Upload Photos (Monthly 5)
    • Create Q&A Content (Monthly 5)
    • Build Business.Site
    • ****Website SEO Tasks****
    • Redesign Homepage Banner
    • Site Speed Improvement
    • On-Page Enhancement (Surfer SEO)
    • Generate & Upload Basic Schema
    • ****Off-Page Booster Tasks****
    • Includes Citations Audit From Loganix
    • Backlinks Worth $50
    • Monthly Reporting
    • Bullseye: 3-Month Plan
    • $1050Per GMB
    • Competitive Map Pack Audit Worth $149
    • ****GMB Tasks****
    • Create GMB Posts (Monthly 4)
    • Geo-Optimize & Upload Photos (Monthly 5)
    • Create Q&A Content (Monthly 5)
    • Build Business.Site
    • ****Website SEO Tasks****
    • Redesign Homepage Banner
    • Site Speed Improvement
    • On-Page Enhancement (Surfer SEO)
    • Generate & Upload Basic Schema
    • ****Off-Page Booster Tasks****
    • Includes Citations Audit from Loganix
    • Backlinks Worth $100
    • Monthly Reporting
    • Bulldoze: 4-Month Plan
    • $1200Per GMB
    • Competitive Map Pack Audit Worth $149
    • ****GMB Tasks****
    • Create GMB Posts (Monthly 4)
    • Geo-Optimize & Upload Photos (Monthly 5)
    • Create Q&A Content (Monthly 5)
    • Build Business.Site
    • ****Website SEO Tasks****
    • Redesign Homepage Banner
    • Site Speed Improvement
    • On-Page Enhancement (Surfer SEO)
    • Generate & Upload Basic Schema
    • ****Off-Page Booster Tasks****
    • Includes Citations Audit from Loganix
    • Backlinks Worth $150
    • Monthly Reporting

Note: This pricing is only for Maps SEO. Pricing for the local SERP will be higher based on website pages and keywords. A discount may apply if both are ordered at the same time.

A 10% surcharge may apply for big cities.

An additional fee shall apply for extra keywords, content, city pages, and service pages.

For off-page activities such as fixing and adding citations, backlinks, guest posts, and PR, the cost is based on the quote from the provider. A 10% DigitalBull GO admin fee shall apply.

"Exciting. Many of us test and feel certain factors affect GMB. Clicks, brand search, traffic, and actual physical location with visits."
Keith E., Boise, Idaho

Why aren't you ranking? Time to find out with the DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer!