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“You have taken the core of Surfer app and POP and made it available for GMB. Love it. Very well done.”
S. Pollard; Australia

DigitalBull GO: Analyze. Optimize. Rank.

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We Challenge You to Find a More Comprehensive GMB Audit Service!

Our view is that ranking on Google My Business is all about maximizing the optimization possibilities. It’s a completely local search and local ranking math. The better the optimization, the higher the ranking. Yes, you can point to stray cases that deviate from this but you should realize that the GMB Algorithm is relatively new when compared to the 20+ more robust Organic Algorithm.

What we have done in our GMB Audit process is taken a subjective question such as “How good is my GMB local business Listing?” and offered an objective answer. Our analysis is based on a thorough manual review of key local search and local ranking factors.

Compare our Google My Business audit with any manual online audit and the difference is palpable!

DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer – The POP & Cora for GMB!

You may have heard of on-page optimization tools such as Page Optimizer Pro (POP), Cora, and Surfer SEO. DigitalBull GO is like the POP and Cora for GMB in that we judge you against the Map Pack (top 3 map results) to see where you are compared to the best.

Using DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer, we perform a complete and thorough competitive GMB audit of 125+ local search factors in your GMB Listing, Website, and Off-Page that affect your local ranking.

After our expert audit team enters the data for the competitive analysis into the GMB Analyzer, our GMB Engine uses our Expert System Algorithm to crunch the numbers in the back end.

The GMB Analyzer then shows a visualization of where you currently stand versus your competitors. The results of the Google My Business audit help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in local search against competitors of similar stature. 

Our DigitalBull GO Google My Business Analyzer was designed to help you or your client identify why they aren’t on top of the Map Pack. This is a one-time direct/white-label GMB audit that we perform during the first week of the project and before the optimization begins. Once we implement the suggestions and fixes based on and according to our analysis, you are sure to see a change!

Will this guarantee a top 3 place? No, but it will give a good boost to your GMB and may be the difference from dropping out completely to still being in the map pack race.

GMB Analyzer Insights DigitalBull GO

Order our Optimization Service, Get Your Audit Free!

We have the perfect recipe if your GMB is stuck and just not budging and getting into the Top 3. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Order a GMB optimization service from DigitalBull GO and we compare your listing versus the top 3 Map listings.
  2. Now, from the insights and weaknesses report, we then start working to optimize your listing.
  3. Check the rankings steadily move upward as we start to fix the problems on your website and Google My Business listing.

The next step is to look at the data, work towards improving your weak points, and maintaining your strengths to boost your Map Pack rankings and get a place at the table of the top 3. This is where our white-label GMB optimization services can assist you.  

Note: If you opt for our Google My Business Optimization Services, not only will you get the audit free, but you will receive a GMB Analysis & Recommendations Report prepared by our team of GMB SEO Experts!

DigitalBull GO: Analyze. Optimize. Rank.

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How GMB Analyzer Works

With our DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer, we analyze a total of 24 factors (a total of 125+ subfactors) relating to your Website, Off-Page, and Google My Business that impact your Map Pack ranking. We then judge your performance against that of your competitors.

Compare your website, listing, and off-page against the top 3 of the Map Pack with DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer.

Our GMB Analyzer feature has the following modules:

  • Leaderboard
  • Audit (GMB Listing, Site, Off-Page)
  • Results

Leaderboard – Check out URLs, business title, keywords, NAP details, and more on listings for yourself and your competitors.

Audit – A GMB audit service of the Listing, Website, and Off-Page of you vs. the Map Pack based on 24 factors and 125+ subfactors. 

GMB Listing Analysis – Audit of your GMB Listing for Google Reviews, Photos, Q&A, URLs, Posts, and more to judge yourself against competitors. There are 11 factors in total here (~70 subfactors).

Website Analysis – Audit of your website for speed, UX, content, on-page, and overall SEO, along with an audit of your competitor’s sites. Our website analysis covers a total of 11 factors (~70 subfactors).

Off-Page Analysis – Audit of your off-page SEO based on major factors like citations, backlinks, social signals, and how you compare to the competition. This analysis is done for 2 factors (~10 subfactors).

Insights – This module displays a colorful visualization of where you stand compared to your competitors. The visual representation is displayed after our Expert System analyzes the data entered in our GMB Audit. 

Remember that our GMB Analyzer gathers extremely useful data. It is up to you to decide how to use it. If not, allow us to do the hard work and get your GMB ranking high!

GMB Analyzer Audit Factors DBG
GMB Analyzer Insights DigitalBull GO

Buy Optimizer, Get Analyzer Free!

Our local ranking analysis can also help companies prospecting potential GMB clients.

Are you on the lookout for new GMBs or checking locations where you can offer your services? Then the Analyzer report from DigitalBull GO is a must. Our GMB Analyzer will be of great help to agencies prospecting new listings. 

Locate potential clients by using the expert-recommended method of reviewing the 7th to 20th positions on the Map Pack and targeting them by offering your services to help them improve.

Thanks to our Google My Business audit, you can find out the level of difficulty for ranking in those cities and plan your strategy accordingly. You can even share the Analyzer report with the prospective client online or share it via a CSV or Excel file!

GMB Audit Packs (Credits System)

DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer has 2 purchasing options. You can request and pay for that single audit at that time ($149 per audit). Or you can bulk buy audit credits to use on multiple GMBs. One credit can be used for one GMB audit or one website audit.

If you have a bulk order requirement for a minimum of 10 GMB audits, our pricing is as follows:

  • 10 audit credits for $199 ($19.9 per credit)
  • 50 audit credits for $749 ($14.99 per credit)
  • 100 audit credits for $1299 ($12.99 per credit)
  • 250 audit credits for $2499 ($9.99 per credit)

You can also get a listing, website, and off-page audit via DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer at no extra cost when you avail our complete DigitalBull GO local SEO services, a $149 value, absolutely free!

This incredible 2-in-1 deal allows you to pay for just the Map Pack but we include the Local SEO tasks as a bonus!
Agencies and SEO Resellers, call us for a surprise additional discount!

“Exciting. Many of us test and feel certain factors affect GMB. Clicks, brand search, traffic, and actual physical location with visits.” 
– K. Evans, Boise, Idaho

Why aren't you ranking? Time to find out with the DigitalBull GO GMB Analyzer!

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