DigitalBull GO - Local SEO & GMB Audit Tool Comparison

Comprehensive DIY Local SEO Audit in Fewer than 60 Minutes

Comprehensive local SEO audit tool for analyzing 100+ Google My Business, website, and brand authority factors that are affecting your Map Pack rankings.

Your local SEO audit report includes optimization scores for GMB, website, and your brand. Find gaps in your GMB, website, and brand.

"I challenge you to find a more comprehensive and local SEO audit to improve your rankings!"
Srinath Rangaswamy - CEO of Opteamize Cloud Solutions and Head of Local SEO Strategy at DigitalBull GO
Srinath Rangaswamy
Founder & CEO, Opteamize

Google My Business Audit for Optimization

GMB audit to rank on the Map Pack!

DigitalBull GO is a professional SEO agency providing Google My Business and local SEO audit services primarily to local businesses and other digital marketing or SEO agencies in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

These are the guiding principles that have anchored the design of the DigitalBull GO Local SEO Audit Tool:

The audit should be comprehensive – We have vastly improved the Google My Business (GMB), website, and brand factors over the past couple of months. Now, you can get the ultimate local SEO audit when you order any of our local SEO optimization plans. Compare our GMB audit and local SEO audit factors with any manual online audits and the differences are palpable!

100% optimization – Our view is that ranking on the map results is all about maximizing the optimization possibilities related to proximity, authority, and popularity. The better the optimization of your Google My Business, website, and brand, the better your local SEO success will be.

Our local SEO services expertise – We used the understanding of the professional DigitalBull GO local SEO audit team to build a tool that performs a complete and thorough comprehensive audit of 120+ local search factors in your Google My Business listing, website, and brand that affect your local ranking.

Objective answers – What we have done in our local SEO audit is taken a subjective question such as “How good is my GMB local business listing?” and offered an objective answer. Our analysis is based on a thorough manual review of key local search and local ranking factors.

“Why am I not ranking?” – The DigitalBull GO Maps SEO audit was designed to help you or your client identify why they aren’t on top of the Map Pack and offer recommendations for improvement. The results of the Map Pack SEO audit help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in “near me” or service + city search queries,

"Will this local SEO audit guarantee a top 3 place? No. However, it will give a good boost to your Google My Business and website and might be the difference from dropping out completely to still being in the race for the Map Pack."
Srinath Rangaswamy - CEO of Opteamize Cloud Solutions and Head of Local SEO Strategy at DigitalBull GO
Srinath Rangaswamy
Founder & CEO, Opteamize

The Local SEO Audit Dashboard is where you can view in-depth data of your local SEO performance, correlating with Google’s Map Ranking Algorithm.

You will also get your Local SEO Audit Score along with your Google My Business Audit Score, Website Audit Score, and Brand Authority Audit Score here!

This detailed Google My Business listing audit of 55 subfactors will specifically identify where you’re falling short in terms of your GMB, whether it is GMB posts, reviews, Q&A, Business.Site, or something else.

This thorough website SEO audit of ~60 subfactors will pinpoint weak areas in your site’s technical structure, on-page, and content. 

This useful brand audit of your citations and backlinks will judge your brand presence and unearth issues to be fixed.

The Insights module is where you can get tips for improving your GMB, website, and brand authority performance.

Get your Local SEO Audit & Optimization Score and identify ranking shortfalls with DigitalBull GO!

Local SEO Audit Checklist

DBG Local SEO Audit Tool Local SEO Dashboard

Our audit mirrors Google’s Organic and Map Ranking Algorithm with our own unique and specially developed DigitalBull GO Parent and Child Algo for all the factors affecting the map rankings.

You receive a Google My Business Audit Score, Website Audit Score, Brand Authority Audit Score, and overall Local SEO Audit Score as a percentage that will reveal your current optimization progress and performance so you know where to focus on to improve your rankings.

This is a thoroughly comprehensive audit of 24 factors and over 120 ranking subfactors covering your GMB, Website, and Brand Authority, all if which impact where you rank on the map and local search results!

It takes fewer than 30 minutes for our team to finish the audit and find out specifically what areas you’re lagging behind in.

This is a local SEO audit that is customized for you or your client’s business. This audit further drives the optimization process and identifies weak areas. Once the weak areas are improved, so will your map and local organic rankings.

Local SEO Audit Process & Optimization Recommendations

Get a free audit when you order our SEO optimization plans!

The DigitalBull GO SEO Audit drives our optimization.

The audit is an integral part of our SEO plans. We include the SEO audit with all our local, organic, and e-commerce SEO plans.

For local, we focus on GMB and brand authority, whereas for organic and e-commerce, the focus is on the website and brand authority.

Our team of professionals can perform the comprehensive audit for you while comparing you against the top 3 on the Map Pack and offering recommendations for optimizing your Google My Business listing, improving your website, and boosting your brand authority! 

Our white label local SEO audit services have proven to be a big hit among agencies. We will share the audit with you and you can discuss the recommendations with our Local SEO Expert!

Order any of our SEO packages and get an SEO audit done for you along recommendations for improvement!

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