Comprehensively Audit 120+ Local SEO Ranking Factors!


DigitalBull GO

The World’s Most Comprehensive Local SEO Audit Tool

The Only Tool That Mirrors & Correlates With Google’s Map Ranking Algorithm!

We challenge you to find a more comprehensive manual DIY local SEO audit tool!

DigitalBull GO: Analyze. Optimize. Rank.

The Local SEO Audit Dashboard is where you can view in-depth data of your local SEO performance, correlating with Google’s Map Ranking Algorithm.

This detailed Google My Business listing audit of ~55 subfactors will specifically identify where you’re falling short in terms of your GMB, whether it’s posts, reviews, Q&A, Business.Site, or something else.

This thorough website SEO audit of ~60 subfactors will pinpoint weak areas in your site’s technical structure, on-page, and content. 

This useful off-page audit of your citations and backlinks will judge your off-page presence and unearth issues to be fixed.

The Insights module is where you can review the combined results of the entire Local SEO Audit (GMB Audit + Website Audit + Off-Page Audit).

“I actively manage nearly 40 GMB client listings. I have spent thousands over the last 2 years on courses, masterminds, and tools for GMB. There were still some nuggets here.” 
C. Lindsey

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“Exciting. Many of us test and feel certain factors affect GMB. Clicks, brand search, traffic, and actual physical location with visits.” 
– K. Evans, Boise, Idaho

What Sets Our Local SEO Audit Tool Apart?


Our tool mirrors Google’s Map Algorithm with our own unique and specially developed DigitalBull GO Parent and Child Algo for all 24 factors.

This comprehensive audit of over 120 ranking subfactors covers not only your GMB, but your Website, and Off-Page as well!

It takes fewer than 30 minutes to find out specifically what areas you’re lagging behind in, whether it is your GMB, Website, or Off-Page.

This is a 100% do it yourself local SEO audit that you can perform for your/your client’s business. Just log in and get started!

How does our local SEO audit tool compare with the top tools in the market?

#FeatureDigitalBull GOBrightLocalWeb 2.0 Ranker
1Client LoginYesYesYes
2Google Algo CorrelationYes No No
3Comprehensiveness120+ FactorsBasicFocus is on Citations
4Time<30 Minutes2 Minutes2 Minutes
6Website AuditYesYesNo
7Optimization RecommendationsIn Premium VersionNoNo 
8Competitor AuditIn Premium VersionNoNo 

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Looking for Recommendations Along With Your Local SEO Audit?

Our team of professionals can perform the comprehensive audit for you while comparing you against the top 3 on the Map Pack and offering recommendations for optimizing your GMB listing, improving your website, and boosting your off-page presence! 

We will share this with you and you can discuss the recommendations with our Local SEO Expert!

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